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Canned fish or meat

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In a very active life with little time for shopping and cooking, women canned fish or meat they play a really important role. There are also vegetables. They are a very interesting product for our food, in addition to having some advantage.

Brianda canned fish, the food has been cooked, packed and sterilized, which allows us to have high security. Keep it a long time without refrigeration and, what is very important, without using preservatives and maintaining its nutritional value.

It is important to make sure of the condition of the container and to buy a good quality

During the purchase of canned fish or meat and before consuming it, we have to check that the container is in perfect condition. Just as there is no kind of damage, no scratches, bumps or oxidation that have affected the condition of the container. Another important point is to try to buy one good quality of preserves. Those that assure us that the product that is inside is good.

Once opened, keep it in the refrigerator and in another container

La conservation must be done on a site no light and dry at a temperature that is not high. The canned fish or meat they will last a maximum of 4 to 6 years if they are in oil. Once the container is opened, it is important to consume it as soon as possible and store it in the refrigerator. Also keep it in another container either glass or plastic that can be hermetically sealed.

Advantages of canned fish or meat

The main and original purpose of the preserve is to be able to seasonally adjust the consumption of some of the foods. This tells us that they are products that have been collected in your optimal ripening point. In the case of vegetables or fishery, they can take advantage of the best prices and qualities at times when the market cannot absorb that demand.

Thus, you can find cans of canned fish or meat all types. The most common are tuna, sardines, mackerel and mallow in seafood. Then, the Chicken meatballs or other animal in meat.

At the Iberian Peninsula there is more of 250 canning companies (as Calvo) with a wide range of both types and qualities. From the most basic preserves to the exquisite and good gourmet food that some restaurants and bars are introducing. Thus, they also manage to put them Fashion.