"Hot sauces, welcome to the heat"

“Like an orgasm, the consumption of hot sauce increases the level of endorphins ", explains us Carlos Carvajal, owner of Sauces Sierra Nevada. This company's Pomegranate manufactures, using products grown in the area, one of the spiciest sauces in Spain.

Benefits of hot sauces

HR saucesTaken in moderation, they are beneficial for the health since they have properties antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. According to WHO, countries with a higher consumption of spicy such as Mexico, China and Thailand they have a lower than average level of cancers.

This is due to the capsaicin and curcumin, present in the spices that are used in those kitchens. The hot sauces they are, in addition, satiating and it has an expectorant power.

En Sierra Nevada Sauces follow the techniques used by the Aztecs and use varieties of chile and Carolina reaper y Trinity scorpion. These are the hottest varieties of chili peppers, as indicated by the levels on the scale Escoville. This was created by the American pharmacist of the same name in 1912.

They have levels of more than 2 million units Escoville, while for example, the spanish chilli it stands at 50 thousand units. Based on these chilies and using ingredients such as onion, garlic, mango, papaya, or roasted vegetables. HR Sierra Nevada Sauces They are American-style, that is, rich and nuanced. They can be used to accompany, in cooking recipes or in cocktails.

Sierra Nevada products

The product catalog of Sierra Nevada contains 13 types of sauces with different degrees of spiciness, 14 types of line, salt and spicy oil. To enter the world of spicy, Carvajal recommends us to start with a mild chipotle-based sauce. Then gradually increase until we get hooked and become addicted to them.

"All the ingredients are local," he emphasizes from Sierra Nevada Sauces. Local vegetables and fruits such as papaya and mango from the Andalusian tropical coast. Meanwhile, the chilies are grown locally and smoked themselves with wood from fruit trees, walnut trees and vine.

This whole process of manufacturing gives a special character with many nuances to these hot sauces. Now only one question remains: Do you want to taste the heat?

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