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Dining in the metaverse: the future?

We are getting closer to that dystopian future characteristic of the Netflix series, Black Mirror. And it is that everything indicates that sooner than you think it will be possible to have dinner in the metaverse. That is, within a digital and invented reality. It seems that little by little we are moving away from the truth and placing us in a perfect world. Although it is hard to believe, many foods are wasted daily for not following the superimposed beauty canon. What's going on?

A new reality?

It will not surprise you if we say that Facebook has lost its popularity. It is no longer the number 1 social network par excellence. The appearance of rivals that have made it competitive, as well as the controversy created by its privacy issues, have caused Facebook's reputation to drop. before this Mark Zuckerberg has decided to give its platform a spin, starting with the change of its name. Now has been renamed Meta. Knowing that this was not going to be enough, he has released a trailer of what is going to be his new innovation: the metaverse.

A surprise that, when it starts up, will mark a before and after in everyone's life. Because what is it about? metaverse is a digital reality that plays with the intention of creating a virtual environment parallel to our lives. This requires: augmented reality, virtual reality and multisensory technologies. Like, for example, the oculus ques, Facebook's virtual reality glasses. To such an extent Zuckerberg wants to represent the life that the platform will allow the performance of daily tasks how to work and study

dining in the metaverse
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Eating and dining in the metaverse will soon be possible

All this does not stop here. It is possible that the next generations will make meetings online. The day may even come when Stay with your friends book in a restaurant for dining in the metaverse "The key is to consider that so far what users do is a translation of the content they generate in an offline or face-to-face environment to online or digital content” they explain from diegocoquillat.com. Today we are very dependent on digital. However, we are still aware of reality. The idea pursued by the metaverse is forget about attendance.

Today we can enjoy Hospitality part in a 3D reality. Specifically tourism in three dimensions. But has not been very successful, people prefer to visit the different places by themselves, rather than through a screen. Another sector that can be benefited by the metaverse is that of the restoration. They would use it as a means of promotion and information. This new reality would allow us to see the premises from the inside and even realistic menu replicas or menu offered in the on-site restaurant.

And it goes further, they promise to give the possibility of get multiple people together for dinner in the metaverse. This would be carried out with the recreation of the restaurant's dishes and using avatars as representatives of the users. Getting to the point where an internal economy would be created, in which he would lead the tokens. Namely, cryptocurrencies, own.

Idealization of the real

This that the day comes when we can dining in the metaverse be real, is one thing that does not alarm us so much. Well, it is a reality that we are increasingly looking for the hairsalon that the quality. For example, in greengrocers, buyers prefer fruits and vegetables to look good rather than taste. It seems that we forget what nature is and that food is ripe or crushed “they have nothing to do with the quality of the product” confirms the director of Frutas Olivar y Valgre, Noelia Álvarez.

dining in the metaverse
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The idea of ​​the existence of a new reality impressesIt seems like a crazy idea, but who knows? Think about your parents and grandparents when you first told them to make a video call. Surely they would think the same of you. What we do ask is that you do not focus on an idealization of reality. focus on what natural and in what of your environment. Of course, if you feel like having fun in the metaverse for a while, welcome. And you? Would you like to try dining in the metaverse?