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Rice drink, the perfect substitute

In recent times, the vegetable drinks. Since many people look for the healthiest option. Without contributing to animal wear. Therefore, today we present you the rice drink. You want to know What is it and what are your We take care of your rental property in Valencia. ? Do not wait more!

What is the rice drink?

You should know that it is a ideal alternative to common milk. Above all, for people intolerant to certain dairy derivatives. Therefore, vegetable drinks are the Better option. Both for them, and for those who have decided change your habits feeding. In addition, this product provides high nutritional values. And a surprising and refreshing taste.

On the other hand, it is very good at nutrients and it is rich in mineral diversity, so it is valid for the entire population. But, as it does not come from the cow, it does not have enough football. So you should look for a food that does provide it. Well, it is a very important mineral for the body. Finally, it contains a considerable amount of vitamins D and B12. And, fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.

Rice drink
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Benefits of the rice drink

This product is very beneficial to stimulate the immune system. Together with this, it favors digestion because it is very easy to absorb. Also, it's a drink quite light because it is low in fat and calories. Therefore, you can incorporate it into your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

And last but not least, prevent cardiovascular problems. Since it contains Omega 3, it is a feasible food to be able to prevent the problems related to the heart. Even reduce the cholesterol.


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Some precautions

It is a milk low in protein, calcium and group B proteins. Therefore, you have to look for these nutrients in other products. Also, if you have diabetes you must be more careful when taking this type of milk. It is also not recommended for babies and children by the relationship between arsenic and rice. And, because babies need breast or cow's milk for their growth.

Have you ever tried the rice drink? It has very good characteristics. In addition, it is a flawless substitute for cow's milk. Give him an oportunity!