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Basic Foods bars, with adaptogens!

Surely you have ever eaten a rich bar between hours. This food is one of the most popular in society, since they are one of the most efficient and comfortable formats to eat something in the middle of the morning or as a snack, in addition to the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it provides us. Juan Sánchez, the creator of the Basic Foods barsBeing aware of this, he has taken the opportunity to launch his own brand, but with very special characteristics that make them a healthier option for everyone. Do you want to know what they are like?

Bars with 100% natural ingredients

All the Basic Foods bars, as their name suggests, they are presented as a functional basic snack. And the thing is, the entrepreneur Juan Sánchez wants you to be able to take them and take them at any time and occasion. Also, only use real ingredients, in other words, 100% natural and ecological. For this, they have the ecological certificate of the European Union. The main characteristic that defines these appetizing bars and that differentiates them from others is that they have adaptogens. And although you probably don't know what this is, they are something as simple as natural supplements to enhance the physical, intellectual or mood performance.

basic foods bars
The healthy bars / Photo: basicofoods

At the moment, there are five types of bars in your shop online: the energetic, of peanuts, Raw cocoa and Andean maca; the post training, with peanuts, Raw cocoa, chaga and hemp protein; the Antioxidants, with red berries and chaga; The revitalizing with apple and green matcha; and the stress, with almond, Raw cocoa and Ashwagandha, although perhaps later it will surprise us by putting new ones on sale. Each one has special characteristics and ingredients depending on the circumstances in which and what you want to take them for.

In addition, the team has attached great importance to visual identity of the brand, so each one also has a color that characterizes it (red, blue, purple, yellow and green). Likewise, most of the flavors are familiar, which makes you know what these are made of. Basic Foods bars quickly.

Regarding the price, this incredible product is accessible to everyone, since its philosophy makes this possible. This is based on there being no intermediaries. That is to say, that large companies and distributors do not intervene in the food chain, as this causes the final price multiply up to 10 and 15 times of the real value of the final product that, in the end, you pay. What they do is go directly to the producers, select the ingredients and, once they make the Basic Foods bars, they sell them directly online.

Basic recovery bars pack | Source: Basicofoods.com

What is the origin of the Basic Food bars?

The idea of ​​Juan Sánchez, as revealed to the medium expansion.com, emerged after his return from Latin America, where he lived for several years and founded a successful company with two friends in the beauty industry. This is shocking, since they are two different worlds when it comes to entrepreneurship, but Sánchez justified it like this: «I decided to start in the world of food in Spain because I believe that, without a doubt, it is currently one of the most disruptive industries worldwide ».

Likewise, after the success and the great reception that their functional bars are having, he declared that his team will continue to bring out news, since they pretend to be a great food company. Finally, he concluded by saying that they are already developing new products, such as, for example, a different drink to everything that exists or more varieties such as sauces, cereals, cookies, coffee, yogurts, ice cream ...

This news has sat wonderfully in the social media, specifically on Instagram, where you promote your product and where influencers, footballers, actresses and actors from the world of cinema and nutritionists, had already been conquered before by the Basic Foods bars.


Basic anti-stress bar | Source: Basicofoods.com

This rich food can be obtained in the online store of Basic Foods and will soon be on sale at the offline world. In addition, it does not contain gluten, palm oil, GMOs, or added sugar. And, of course, they are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. If you want to eat healthy and in an economical way you are delicious bars they can be one of the best solutions. Try them now!