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Functional foods: why is consumption increasing?

The consumers link food and gastronomy in general more and more to health and well-being. The current pandemic has accelerated the consumption of so-called functional foods, which was already consolidating in the habits of most people.

In this way, the vast majority of consumers are currently informed and are interested in acquiring the so-called Functional Foods. The current moment has led a large part of people to adopt an attitude of analysis and awareness of the influence that gastronomy has on their health.

Food product manufacturers are fully aware of the increased demand for these products. Thus, in addition to the products best known as healthy, such as probiotics, probiotics, rich in Vitamins, rich in minerals, Antioxidants y omega-3. They are currently working with these foods to improve the flavor, texture and in general with the organoleptic sensations.

The benefits of functional foods

Functional foods help health in a very broad way. From the benefits in cardiovascular health, intestinal health, control of Blood glucose, el weight control, rest and improvement in sleep Up to mental health and of course in our immune system.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables/Gastronomic Information

The results of research on the influence of microbiota in our health has helped to increase these foods. It is directly related to the increase in foods rich in fiber that help improve gut health which is linked to increased immune health.

Food and health

Although there are many manufactured products that seek this health by applying technology, we must not forget that natural foods give us some naturally. We must not forget that although we speak of Functional Foods It is the set of our nutrition, in its just average, the one that gives us and helps the better health.

Products such as vegetables and whole grains, nuts, oily fish, fruits and vegetables lead the simplest and most efficient functional foods. Also a reasonable consumption of meat, dairy products, eggs, white fish and shellfish They are functional foods.

Functional Foods
Vegetables. Photo: Gastronomic Information

Finally, remember that it is important, in addition to consuming Functional Foods, value our food personally, valuing the edad, pathologies and physical activity.