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A fair price for milk in Spain

All those Spanish farmers who are having a hard time making ends meet because they do not receive a fair price for milk that they produce and sell now could get ahead. Of France an initiative carried out by C'est qui le Patron ?!. The idea is that the Spanish farmer obtains up to a 40% more origin of that elaborated milk, point out the creators. These bricks have been presented this Wednesday, April 24, together with the project, which has the collaboration of COAG. The driving force in Spain es Annaick Locqueneux. 

How can they get a fair price for milk?

Currently, the money that humble ranchers receive is so poor that many are forced to leave the business. Faced with this situation also in our neighboring country, in 2017 a group of French producers created the company C'est qui le Patron ?! to offer a different brand. The one that met the Quality requirements demanded by consumers, but at the same time, remunerated the farmer with a fair price for milk. 

They went beyond the demonstrations: they acted and the story had a happy ending. Because some 500 Gallic producers they joined them throughout these two years. The success achieved has led them to have eight million customers from birth. Furthermore, this has allowed C'est qui le Patron ?! also already have other agricultural products for sale. Eggs, honey, wine, chocolate and even sardines or sausages are marketed, always with a Reasonable price to the producer.

Now the brand Who's the boss? opens in Spain in a first step that consists of the consumer choosing from their website the exact characteristics of milk. Among their origin, type of feeding of the cows, animal welfare certificates, packaging, etc. In total, they are up to 28 options that determine one price or another, depending on the type of milk (whole, skimmed or semi). Equally, buyers may pay a little more for ranchers. improve your facilities or have a few days of vacation a year. 

With the support of COAG and with a view to other products

At the end of this period, the promoter Annaick Locqueneux has ensured that the company will seek producers Spaniards who make milk in accordance with these requirements. Similarly, a bottling plant will be necessary. Notably the fair price for the milk will be indicated on the packaging itself, so that distributors cannot alter it. A new measure that aims to help farmers have a better life dedicating himself to an increasingly impoverished work.

For now, the Coordinator of Organizations of Farmers and Ranchers (COAG) supports this initiative. Solutions are necessary in a sector that continues to be in permanent crisis. And it is that in Spain the liter is paid at an average of 32 cents, being our country the eighth in the European Union with a lower milk price. It costs the farmer to produce about 35 cents, so does not rent. «Everything that is to connect the consumer with the producer is the hope of the sector. Now the situation is unsustainable, "he regrets Andoni Garcia, responsible for Agrarian Markets of the State Executive Commission of COAG. 

We will still have to wait and closely follow this initiative so that a fair price for milk be an enduring reality. Each month about 70 farmers stop their work Spanish, according to data from the COAG. This must end for the good of the industry.