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Tyrian: a new variety of broccoli

Tyrian: the new variety of broccoli that is completely purple

The new variety of branched broccoli is called Tyrian, is Sakata Seed Iberica and totally purple, from stem to head. Sakata, is a Valencia-based company dedicated to the production, marketing and improvement of vegetable seeds, trusts in the attractiveness of this new variety. He sees in it an incentive for the consumption of brassicas, plant genus that includes the species we know as cabbages. It includes crops such as cauliflower, cabbage, turnip tops, or rapeseed, among others.

Tyrian is defined as a new variety of broccoli branched, because unlike conventional broccoli, which is determined as a floral head, It grows in the form of branches and each one has its own 'flower'.

Sakata works on plant improvement, developing varieties that adapt to the needs of producers and the new demand of consumers. The new variety of purple branched broccoli from stem to head, and baptized with the name of Tyrian will soon be available on the market. A new vegetable option with which we can experiment in our kitchens.

What are the characteristics and qualities of Tyrian

Regarding the physical appearance of broccoli, its purple color will be one of its attractive for sale, just like purple potatoes, purple carrots, purple cauliflower. Regarding its qualities and characteristics, the company highlights that it is a very vigorous plant, with a very erect and very uniform habit. They also explain that it is a very productive variety and that therefore, they will be able to offer their new broccoli on the market throughout the year.

Regarding its flavor, texture, etc.; Tyrian has a tender, slightly fibrous texture and a sweet taste. It will be a very versatile vegetable when it comes to cooking and combining it with other foods. And we hope that soon we can upload recipes with this new variety of broccoli so healthy.