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Toro, a land rich in aroma and flavors


The identity of Zamora cuisine is a geographical balance between the west (where it is Toro) and the eastern province. The first cattle ranch and the second more linked to agricultural work. The latter, in turn, divided by the Douro River that separates the Land of Bread, to the north, linked to wheat production. As well as the Land of Wine, to the south, more specialized in winemaking work.

Province Zamora has a deep-rooted culinary tradition based on the use of local raw material of the highest quality. This in the elaboration of succulent proposals following artisan methods, as reflected in the quality of their cheeses and sausages.

In addition, given the strategic location of this territory, its cuisine receives influences from the Galician and Asturian gastronomy. This gives rise to such attractive proposals as the Zamora rice, cod to the bar or octopus a la sanabresa. Following in the wake of know-how, the city of Toro has an undisputed star in its gastronomy. Defined by the personality of the territory and its people.

Bull cheeses

Cheeses from Origin Toro have, as a distinctive sign, the quality mark DO Zamorano Cheese. The production and maturation methods have remained the same for centuries: raw milk, natural lamb rennet and salt. Due to this long tradition, sheep cheeses from Toro are awarded, year after year, with international awards of cheese y gastronomy. It includes varieties such as Reserve, Old, Cured or in butter.

As the culmination of this philosophy gastronomic cheese, in 2016 was inaugurated in the town of Tores, the only Zamora Cheese Museum. It is located in a building adjoining the Chillón Plaza Cheese Factory. It houses numerous centuries-old pieces, stories and traditions of a family of cheese artisans.

The museum facilities show both the reception of the milk, as well as the process of making the sheep cheese. Also the salting of the pieces, the maturation phase and the final dispatch of the product.

The zamorano chorizo

Among the abundance of meats and tasty sausages, the Chorizo ​​Zamorano, one of the most typical of Castilla y León, known throughout Spain. Its basic raw material is fresh meat from fatty pigs with a white coating. All of them from farms located in the province.

Its exquisite flavor and its artisan way of preparation have been endorsed by the Guarantee Mark 'Chorizo ​​Zamorano', created in 2005. There is also a great variety of traditional elaborations such as stewed or roasted. One of the most famous, the wild boar in red wine and potatoes to the importance.

Vegetables and legumes

The town has a great variety of vegetables from the orchards bathed by the Douro River. Their fruit and vegetable products They are known for their high quality and for the economic importance that this aspect gives to the region. This ranks as one of the first in relation to agriculture in the Community. Legumes stand out, such as chickpea or the lentil.

Seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables They are the result of a fertile plain rich in this type of crop. Next to cereal and Vineyards, form a large pantry in the province.

The tradition and affection that the stoves of Toro invite you to taste some of their Tapas more typical, such as calenders. In addition, the city offers the opportunity to combine all these proposals with the best wines on earth. Su Designation of Origin it is the fruit of centuries of experience. It has 64 wineries overturned with the elaboration of a wine with its own body and character.

As a sweet spot, the city has desserts as characteristic as the peaches with Toro wine and Coscarón bun or peeled. Without forgetting the traditional Bones of saints on All Souls Day or the French Toast (Torrijas) Easter