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Myths and truths of spicy food

Cultures like Mexican as well as the Thai have always been known for the use of hot spicy in their gastronomic preparations. Thanks to globalization and cultural exchange, our eating habits have more and more international influence. For this reason, this element already reaches kitchens around the world. There are those who aman, there are those who they hate and there are others who have doubts regarding its use. In this article we want to tell you some of the myths and truths of spicy food. 

1 - Myth: eating spicy food can lead to heart problems

True: Lie! Eating spicy improves circulation and fights inflammation in the arteries, as it contains Vitamins A and C that help strengthen the arterial walls. In some cases it is even recommended to help reduce cardiovascular diseases.

2 - Myth: spicy food helps you lose weight

True: This myth is true, since consuming spicy food increases our body temperature and activates sweating. This helps increase our metabolism and burn calories faster.

3 - Myth: spicy helps relieve colds and flu

True: Well yes, this myth is real, spicy foods contain a called antioxidant capsaicin, which helps balance body temperature in case of fever. In this way, it contributes to the opening of the respiratory vessels when we have congestion, sinusitis or any condition of the respiratory system such as bronchitis or asthma.

Chili peppers and their explosive flavors myths and truths of spicy food

4 - Myth: spicy can cause ulcers and digestive problems

True: This myth has a part of truth and a lie. On the one hand, it is true that consumption of spicy in excess it can bring digestive problems and when we have stomach problems we should not consume it. However, there are also studies that show that the spicy contributes to good digestion because it increases the secretion of hydrochloric and mucosa in the stomach, in addition to eliminating bacteria.

5 - Myth: eating spicy food makes you happier

True: Sure! The foods spicy have many properties, one of them is that it helps us to better sleep allowing us to rest much better. The reason is that it stimulates endorphins, so when we wake up we will have more energy and we will feel happier.

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