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León XIII of González Byass, papal relic

The wine family of Jerez de la Frontera It is released and with a very particular bottle, one of those that have not even been seen in decades. Because the new León XIII wine by González Byass comes from the middle of nineteenth century and from now on, it becomes part of the collection of «finite»So characteristic in the cellar. Some unique and incomparable sherries that have stories worth telling. Next we reveal the one that hides this product whose name already indicates a tradition curious compared to other common wines.

A link between wines and potatoes

In the Jerez winery, which was born in 1835, they selected and bottled wines honoring newly elected popes in said position. A traditional practice that passed from generation to generation. Thus, Pedro Nolasco González de Soto -son of the founder of the wine company, Manuel María González- already put the name of the Pope Leo XIII in a bottle of wine. That happened in 1878, so until the current 2020, 142 years have passed for a whole wine relic to see the light, an example of which products like this so exclusive and historical can be reality.

When they chose Pius IX and Pius X in 1846 and 1903, respectively, two wines were already dedicated to them Jerez, although since those times only the first one mentioned has been bottled on the market. We could see this in 2018. Now, the one that is recovered for the collection of «finite wines» is the León XIII by González Byass, which comes from a variety of grape Pedro Ximénez that was cultivated in Jerez lands during the XNUMXth century.

The boot selected in 1878 to celebrate the appointment of the pope that gives the bottle its name was losing volume. Little by little, as a result of evaporation and use, in the end it has ended with 80 liters. Of these, a total of 78 bottles de León XIII by González Byass. 

León XIII by González Byass
León XIII bottle / Photo courtesy of González Byass

What is León XIII de González Byass like?

This papal relic which will be available worldwide is impossible to replicate given its historical origin. It is a natural sweet wine that has been aging in small quantities, in remote places of the winery. Without having been fortified and with a graduation of 9 degreesIts passage through the mouth is dense, unctuous and even mixes freshness with complexity. It has notes of dried figs, walnuts, molasses, lacquer, candy, licorice, dark chocolate and coffee.

Full of history, culture, legacy, patience and the curiosity of his memory of the pope of that time, the León XIII wine by González Byass It is a limited edition that you can already taste. We encourage you to try it!