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Ibiza and its flavored products

recognize a good watermelon

La potato as well as the Ibiza watermelon are the two new protagonists with whom the seal of quality has 'Flavours d'Eivissa '. This distinction is awarded by the Consell de Ibiza to promote local products. These two new additions come stomping in order to reinforce the character and gastronomic essence of the Balearic Islands.

Thus, the Ibizan potato and watermelon are once again cultivated in pitiusas lands. They contribute quality, personality and good taste for lovers of good food. With an infinity of proposals and culinary elaborations.

Ibiza potato

It stands out especially for its characteristic red skin and yellow flesh. Well seasoned, it becomes an excellent ally to include in a multitude of dishes.

Of the four autochthonous varieties of red potato what was in Ibiza a hundred years ago, only one remains and it has been on the verge of disappearing. It was only kept in some farms for self-consumption. This is mainly due to the massive arrival of foreign potatoes to the island.

Having 150 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of potatoes, only 1,3 correspond to the native Ibizan variety. In the sixties it was the only one in existence.

Another 30 hectares correspond to a relatively recent variety, arrived in the 70s, called 'Desiré'. Its qualities and culinary uses make it very similar to the Ibizan. This variety is also protected under the seal of 'Sabors d'Eivissa'.

Ibiza watermelon

Considered by many experts as the best watermelon in the world. It is characterized by its unique flavor, its solid and crunchy texture and its unmistakable aroma. In summer, it happens to be one of the most consumed products all over the world. Having one of the most internationally recognized varieties is a great badge for the Ibizan city.

In recent years, it had also been relegated to supermarkets and various shops by foreign watermelons. Especially the new seedless watermelon, despite the fact that its flavor has no comparison with the original one Ibiza.

These two products are the latest to be added to a list that includes the Ibizan herbs, wines of the earthplatforms, lamb or the sobrassada, among others. This reinforces the island's concern for its native gastronomy and local commerce.

Native flavor with its own tradition for Balearic cookbooks

To get the most out of both the potato and the watermelon of Ibiza, there are various traditional dishes of the Pitiusan island. They are made with both products and that justify their entry into the "Sabors d'Eivissa" brand.

The Ibizan potato is ideal for both simple and traditional recipes such as the peasant salad or potatoes a lo poor or for other more sophisticated ones such as grid potatoes with Mahón cheese flavor or the shot of potato and leek cream. But, without a doubt, the most outstanding dishes of Ibizan cuisine are the “sofrit pagès”. A hearty dish made from free-range lamb, peasant chicken, sobrasada, butifarrón and red potato). The “frita de polp” (fried octopus with potatoes). Also the “bullit de peix” (soup with fish and potatoes).

For its part, watermelon is ideal to eat alone due to its characteristic sweetness and flavor at any time of the day. It is also a perfect alternative to prepare: slushies, ice creams, cakes, smoothies or more elaborate desserts. You can even innovate by adding watermelon to any salad, giving it a fresh and different flavor. Bringing a special color to summer menus.