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Chicken bones - we could eat them!

We like to eat chicken. So much so, that it may be that the chicken bones outlive us as a civilization to end up becoming a marker of our passage through this world. A company has found a peculiar formula to reduce the number of carcasses of this bird: that we eat the bones. We tell you all about the idea.

Chicken: a food that likes

In 2018, the world population of domesticated chickens exceeded the 22.700 million. A figure that means that there are three times more chickens than humans on our planet. In addition, its consumption has not stopped growing. If fifty years ago this bird represented 15% of all the meat that was consumed, now it is around 40%. The key to the success of chicken is that it is a healthy meat with a affordable price.

But it also has its drawbacks. Mechanisms have had to be adapted chicken fattening to adjust them to our needs. It has been possible to speed up the growth of the bird's muscle and reduce its organs, which leads to a short longevity. This growth in consumption has also caused there to be more and more remains of chicken bones that are difficult to remove.

chicken bones
A plate of chicken wings. / Source: The Spectator

Chicken bones: quite a problem

This passion for chicken it will be appreciated much more in the future. In an article published by the Royal Society Open Science it was concluded that the remains of this bird will leave a unique footprint of the passage of humans on earth. The big key to that legacy is where the chicken bones end up. Most end up in landfills, which causes a change in the decomposition process.

In order to put a stop to this situation, the Finnish company super ground, has come to the conclusion that it would be best if we let's eat the bones of chicken. It seems like a crazy idea, but the startup wants these remains to be processed and then mix with vegetable protein. From there a combination would come out that would be incorporated into meatballs, nuggets or processed chicken foods.

chicken bones
A plate with the remains of chicken bones. / Source: Freepik

The pros and challenges of the idea

If the Finnish startup idea were to go ahead, they would be discovered numerous advantages. One of them is that it can help reduce the mountain of chicken bones that we cause by consuming wings and thighs. Also, would limit the environmental footprint and could reverse its price. And it is that, although chicken is affordable, the invasion of Ukraine or inflation could cause a cost increase.

But for the idea to prosper, it is obvious that it will have some important challenges in front. The main one is to overcome opinions and prejudices that consumers may have. Chicken bones are already used in the production of animal feed, which is another way to dispose of this waste.

chicken bones
Image of a poultry farm where chickens are fattened. / Font:

The benefits of chicken bones

Despite the reluctance of consumers to eat chicken bones, the reality is that the broth made from bone remains It is the basis of our diet. We have inherited these bone broths from our ancestors since prehistoric times. In recent years they are gaining more and more popularity due to their health benefits.

This broth is rich in minerals y Vitamins, which makes our bones regenerate and stay strong. It also helps lose weight since we have a little heavy digestion. The amino acids present help the body to protect yourself from diseasessuch as arthritis. Animal bones have high levels of calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, omega 3 and vitamin A.

Although it is an idea that a priori may be or seem far-fetched, super ground has managed to put something very interesting at the center of the debate. We all have to think more about the environment in which we live and leave our future generations a more cleansed y friendly. And you, are you willing to eat chicken bones?