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Goiko at home: the key to your success?

What impact does the distribution of hamburgers have on Goiko at home in the triumph of the chain? Find out what the opening of its hundredth restaurant means and the success story of its founders. Let's check it out!

The conversion of an immigrant doctor

Goiko's story begins in 2013. Andoni Goicoechea comes to Madrid from afar. He is not Basque, despite his name, but Venezuelan. Despite his medical training, he intended to practice as a Hospital resident, decides to undertake. So this 25-year-old man takes the $50.000 lent by his father and designs the first card with his sister.

In fact, he took the opportunity to buy the bar he went to with his friends after his days working at the Peace Hospital. She rescued it, since he was going to close, and managed to make it profitable in six months.

goiko at home
Kevin Bacon Burger from Goiko Grill/Source: @goiko on Twitter

Today it has a hundred restaurants throughout the Spanish territory, actually two are in Paris. The last opening is a local in Murcia who bets on the same vision that he had Andoni initially. In other words, "feed the desire to excel and show that everything is possible by doing things right", in the words of the founder.

They have achieved this through a clear commitment to quality without resorting to stratospheric prices. Although these are double those of the TGB, the letter claims to be more "Gourmet".

Is success only the result of Goiko at home?

The billing chain 103 millones de euros, 30% more than in 2020. Without a doubt, Goiko at home has something to do with this. That is, the letter is still more or less the same as before the pandemic. However, being prepared to deliver to thousands of customers locked up at home managed to improve their brand. In this way, the public continued to remember its existence and prepared for the reopening of its physical premises.

This allowed it to re-launch the market surprisingly quickly. That is why it has eleven new openings so far in 2022. In addition, it launched two mobile points of sale called "The beast" y "The Minibeast". The group has also started an adventure in the world of Japanese food with "Yakuza". This new chain has five restaurants in Madrid

The role of networks

It was basic, since both the founder and his sister were Immigrants. They hardly had contacts in Spain, so they focused on promoting the brand through the networks. They knew how to ally with the gastronomic influencers at a time when quality hamburgers were gaining more and more prestige. It could be said that the keys to the growth of his business were the following:

  • Create a community and work it very well before going with the next one.
  • Project a philosophy of family, colleagues and closeness.
  • Interact with influencers and make friends with them more than advertising.
  • Personalize all their communications, answering themselves.
  • Be constant in all your social networks.

Now, what do you think of these restaurants? Do you think they have the fame they deserve?