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Palau Cuisine: Authentic Pacific

Have you ever wondered what the gastronomy of Palau? It is one of the youngest and least populated countries in the world, although with ancestral traditions. One of them, the town connection with the sea, has its reflection in the gastronomy. Recall that Palau is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean formed Islas 340. One of them, Kororstands out above the others. The reason is that it is home to two thirds of the Palauan population. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

For Palauans the tue It has been the source of their means of subsistence. Formerly the men of this group of islands that make up Micronesia left for the crystal clear waters that surround Palau. Alli they fished to obtain food. The women, instead, stayed ashore along shallow reefs (which now serve as tourist attractions for their unique corals). They were in charge of taking care of the family and cultivating in the fields. From the deep relationship of its inhabitants with the sea gastronomy of Palau has memory. Thus, the fresh fish is one of axes that backbone it.

Some of the most popular dishes of the gastronomy of Palau

Thus, some of the country's typical dishes are based on this ingredient. It is the case of ukoy, a well-known dish both in Palau as in Philippines. These fried dumplings from prawns and diverse vegetables (pumpkin, cassava, carrot, among others) are very crispy and are eaten as an appetizer or accompaniment to other meals. Another popular recipe is fish grilled to Palau style. It is a whole fish seasoned with garlic, ginger, soy saucesesame oil lemon. Although perhaps, of all of them, the one that has caught our attention the most has been the bat soup.

The bat soup consists of the alas of this animal and head included cooked in a coconut broth Coconut is widely used in Palauan cuisine. We can also see it in the famous recipe for giant clams. cooked to slow fire during two hours en coconut milk. Ultimately, the palau cuisine is closely linked to tue. As well as influenced by neighboring territories and cultures such as the filipina, japanese Blazer.

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Palau Archipelago/Source: Getty Images

The most famous desserts in Palau

Palau It has a wide variety of desserts. Most of them are made with ingredients that we Europeans would not use in a dessert. These are really exotic mixes. An example of this is the "HaloHalo". This dessert consists of a mixture of fruits such as banana coco together with chickpeas sweet beans. All this accompanied with frozen Vegetables in an ice cream? Rare, right? Another very typical sweet elaboration is a kind of jelly based on yucca sugar known as "Pichi Pichi".

It does not stop here. Also popular is "kulf", an ice cream with nuts water of roses. This last ingredient is widely used by Westerners for cosmetics. However its nice aroma it is very interesting for the gastronomy. Just as we use the vanilla, for example. The rice pudding de coconut milk would be the most similar to ours rice pudding. In fact, if you try to add grated coconut or, if you dare, with milk, you will be surprised by the result (we have tried it).

And finally the "tama", fritters lifelong. stuffed with banana are renamed ""tama tuu". And you, what is your favorite dessert?