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Vivesoy: with local oat farmers

i live i am, the brand known for offering vegan oat milk, among others, has always rowed in favor of environmental sustainability. In this case, it opens a new front advocating and promoting domestic cultivation. Thus placing himself on the side of the Spanish farmers who are in an unfavorable situation. But they have not been alone, in the process they have had the company of the actor Miguel Angel Munoz Look forward to telling you many more details.

Vivesoy advocates national cultivation

Vivesoy, the vegan aspect of Pascual, returns to present its fight for the rural sector. On this occasion he has embarked on the launch of a new awareness campaign. Whose objective is to inform and promote as much as possible the National Production. That is to say, the 100% Spanish crop. And she doesn't do it alone, but she has with the collaboration of the actor Miguel Ángel Muñoz. Both have joined forces to make two digital spots. In addition to a weekly series of five chapters.

All always with the idea of ​​transferring to the citizenry the importance of the primary sector. So i live i am wants to underline the need to promote domestic cultivation. Especially in these moments in which the rise in electricity, the transporters' strike, water and other problems lie in wait for the agricultural world. In the same way, that wants to put an end to the rural exodus leading to the famous emptied Spain. Main cause of the lack of awareness about the importance of the rural economy.

i live oatmeal
oat milk by Viviesoy / source: instagram user @ vivesoy

To do this, Pascual's vegan brand, accompanies and advises first-hand local companies. To obtain high quality results own Spanish. “Working hand in hand with farmers on a day-to-day basis ensures the highest quality results. in addition to promoting a local work network that strengthens our primary sector to make it more competitive. Especially it is such a changing and uncertain context on an international scale.” Confesses Ángel Tascón, manager of Vivesoy.

Proximity to the farmer is important

Pascual, has always been shown commitment to sustainability. So much so that he created a brand for products that respect the planet. This is Vivesoy, characterized by its production based on oats and soy. That is why we are not surprised by this new campaign. “The abandonment of the rural environment also implies the degradation of our natural resources. In the case of crops, their abandonment causes them to stop storing carbon dioxide in their biomass. causing a negative environmental impact” explains Tascón.

Furthermore, he adds: “the local product carries with it a smaller environmental footprintl for the simplification of logistics processes”. To exemplify these data that they denounce, they have been transferred to the Salamanca town of Arabayona de Mógica. There they soaked up and personally learned about the socioeconomic impact of the primary sector on the local economy. Well, they understand proximity to farmers as very important. "It is a relationship based on trust, professionalism and long-term” assures Pablo Redondo, the person in charge of Agro Purchasing of Pacual.

In the same way, “we work very closely with them advising them and offering them continuous technical follow-up. Which results in more efficient, profitable and higher quality crops. Furthermore, we get promote the local economy and local produce. Giving continuity to the work of farmers and companies based in rural areas” says Redondo.

i live oatmeal
Vivesoy soybean crop / source: instagram user @ vivesoy

Vivesoy: oats and soy

Following this, Paschal currently working with more than 20 oat farmers and cover 500 hectares of this cereal. Areas distributed in Castilla y León, the Basque Country and Aragón. Same areas to which Extremadura, Navarra and Catalonia must be added in the soybean cultivation process. Which has, in total, one amount of 1.300 hectares and the help of 136 farmers.

i live i am has always been shown committed to social causes that can harm the planet. He has shown it by betting everything on the new emerging trend of cultivating and produce oat and soy products.On this occasion he has taken a further step and has committed himself to help domestic farmers. A gesture that only enhances its fame as a sustainable and committed brand. And you? Do you already have Vivesoy's oat milk in your fridge?