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Pickles, lots of lights, but… watch out for shadows!

There are few things more typical in Spain than the famous snacks. Those foods that can be enjoyed with friends on the terrace of a bar. Or, even at home as a remedy for that hunger that arises between meals. But, which are the best known nationally or internationally? If we talk about the pickles, These are among the preservation methods more famous. These are all the ingredients that marinate to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Do you know all its nutritional benefits? Although they are very positive for your well-being, you have to be careful with their contraindications. Here we explain what they are.

What are pickles?

There are a wide variety of these types of products. Most of them are usually vegetable origin, including, therefore, vegetables, vegetables and fruits. Which are preserved in a solution of salt or vinegar. Said foods naturally ferment or with the addition of a specific type of food bacteria. Only, in this way, can it be preserved for a longer time of life.

And it is that, the pickle preservation technique allows to keep many foods during months and even years. And above all, preserving its intact qualities. In Spanish gastronomy, the most typical and well-known are pickles made in vinegar. This option has a very different double function; the first is that of all formulas, preserve food, and the second is that it avoids in a forceful way the product decomposition. Not forgetting that pickling food helps flavor them, giving them a rich flavor with a large number of nuances that vary according to the seasoning used.

Pickles. Source: dietcoherente.com (pinterest.com)

Pickles benefits

There are many national and international organizations that recognize the good nutritional function that have these products. Both the Organization of Consumers and Users such as Macrobiotic Institute of Spain recommend its consumption. In fact, they are a natural source of probiotics with very few calories, very rich in nutrients and with a high water content. However, there are many more properties among which we can highlight:

  • Great ally of the gut. In fact, the ingestion of these foods improves the state of the immune system and body defenses. In this way, it protects the system from numerous diseases.
  • They dramatically favor the digestion and eliminates flatulence and the accumulation of gases completely.

  • They contain Vitamin C. This is the one in charge of making the cells stay strong. Which means that the pickles make the body's defenses much more powerful and help maintain the better nourished skin.
  • Apart from the few calories they provide, these products help to eliminate the urge to eat sweet. Without forgetting that reduce fat absorption And they had a great satiating power. So they can be a great remedy if you follow a more or less strict diet.


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Some contraindications

Although own OCU recommends its consumption, also urges to have certain precautions. And, these are products with many lights, but also with some shadows. All foods pickles must overcome several washes to remove excess salt. After this, they are seasoned with substances such as vinegar, previously mentioned. This is what will give you the intense and sour taste so characteristic. And last but not least, they undergo a heat treatment that guarantees its conservation.

All the contraindications that experts usually make to all lovers of the pickles are very important to know how eat them correctly. And it is that, due to the high content of vinegar, it has a great corrosive power, so the teeth can be affected, without forgetting the walls of the stomach. In addition, its ingestion is not recommended by people with hypertension, due to its high salt values. You should know that the World Health Organization recommends not ingesting more than 5 grams of salt per day.

The best pickles

Such is the popularity of these foods that already exist gourmet shops that make their best products available to the customer. However, in the most common neighborhood stores they also have the famous spanish pickles. In Spain, the most demanded contains olives, especially the variety of chamomile. Although the capers, carrots or onions. Without forgetting the Almagro aubergines, Perelló tomatoes or chillies from Ibarra if you want to give your palate a spicy touch.

Are you a lover of good appetizers? If the answer is affirmative, surely you have already been able to enjoy the best pickles. Otherwise, wait no more. Go to your trusted store or supermarket and take your favorite with you.