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The 'Thai hell': do you dare to try it?

Oam thong, now located on Calle Navarrete, is Thailand in all its essence without having to leave Madrid. In it you can find all kinds of dishes. From vegetable rolls or bao thai stuffed, to Penang Gai (stir-fried chicken) through the new magma, the hottest dish in Spain. Also known as the Big Brother of ox hell.

Nuea Magma, "what a hell"

"The next step after hell even more spicy." This is how they describe it, in a nutshell, in the restaurant. Pohai Chiu is the chef behind this dish. He invented it back in 2006, "when a client asked him for the spiciest recipe in his repertoire," according to the newspaper El Mundo. “He improvised a version of the nam prik pau Thai and added two tablespoons of bird's eye chili seeds, one of the most powerful in the world." And so he was born New Magna.

The hell of Oam Thong | Source: ydondecomemos.com

Ni 10 people have been able to finish it. In fact, whoever asks for it, has to sign a document that exempts the restaurant from all responsibility. For the consequences that its consumption may entail.

What makes this dish so spicy (almost, almost, hell) is that it is made from Carolina reaper, one of the hottest peppers in the world. To give you an idea, in the United States a 34-year-old man had to go to the hospital. Such is the mixture of ingredients that make up the sauce of the dish, that sometimes the gas mask is even necessary.

“My challenge has been to prepare a very spicy dish that is delicious. And I have achieved it, although the diners do not finish it,” the chef once told La Razón. The intensity of this Thai elaboration is such that they come from all over the country. They want to verify whether, in fact, it is the spiciest dish in Spain. And you, do you dare to try it? It will change your perception of itchiness.