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The cheapest coffee in Barcelona

It seems impossible, but it is true, in the Hinojosa BarIn Barcelona, ​​you can have a coffee with milk for less than €1. It is a modest place that has been serving coffees in Santa Coloma de Gramenet for more than 35 years.

The cheapest coffee with milk you will find in Barcelona

A few years ago it was not so rare to be able to have a coffee for less than 1 euro. With inflation, in Barcelona and almost anywhere it is impossible to find a café con leche for less than 1 euro. Although for some, this price increase has meant an opportunity to reinvent themselves and differentiate themselves. It is the case of Hinojosa Bar, in deep de Holy Coloma of Gramenet, which for years has been serving coffee to 50 cents. serve one average of 300 coffees a day, and precisely the prices that it has are those that have guaranteed it to be able to keep the premises open after the crisis which underwent restoration with the pandemic.

It's not just the cafes...

Juan Mesa Medina is the owner of the establishment and has been working there for more than 35 years. He opens every day at 5 in the morning, at 11 at noon he says that he has nothing left. And it is not surprising, this humble bar in Barcelona, ​​in addition to serving the lattes, cut off and alone at 50 cents, also serves about 80 sandwiches a day at 1 euro and 20 cents and beers at 1 euro. the bar has been done popular in the Fondo neighborhood, but also among the people of Barcelona, ​​who do not hesitate to go there to enjoy the prices on offer. The purpose: lower prices to win customers. Something that, so far, has worked for him.

So if you're a coffee lover and you don't want to spend a fortune on this popular drink, all you have to do is visit this place and get what they give you. Every person who likes coffee would like to be given…