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Cultured Meat: We Almost Got It

What about the cultured meat en Europe? In this article we explain its legal status in the countries where it is most advanced. What challenges are you facing? What problems can solve? Let's see it.

Cultured meat as a solution

Europe is experiencing an extremely complex situation. The pandemic has faded into the background as a war rages in the east of the continent. As a consequence of the conflict, we have seen how the price of Fossil fuels has increased. Therefore, the inflation has gone haywire. In addition, we have seen how some products, such as sunflower oil, are in short supply.

Therefore, it is in the best interests of the countries of the continent to find sustainable ways over time to guarantee their food sovereignty. A very interesting one is cultured meat. It is grown from cell cultures in a laboratory without raising the animal first. In this way we save huge amounts of resources. In addition, it can be done in a small space and without depending on imports from feed from other continents.

cultured meat
Lab grown cultured meat concept for artificial in vitro cell culture meat production with frozen packed raw beef meat with made up red label

Thus, we can achieve with it a food devoid of animal suffering And reduced environmental footprint. In addition, it can occur near the population centers, which guarantees a local food. However, we must clarify that this technology is still in its infancy. Not so much because of the production method but because of the bureaucracy that prevents taking advantage of its benefits.

What are the most favorable countries?

At the moment there is only one country that allows this kind of meat to be marketed: Singapore. Their «Singapore Food Agency» (SFA) approved in 2020 the sale of farm-raised chicken from a California start-up. On the contrary, Europe has spent years of parliamentary debates and lobbying factional. At the moment the defending sector of the interests of the meat sector is winning.

However, the cultured meat is getting more and more foot. This is the case of the Netherlands, where the State gave funds to the research that developed the first version of this meat in 2013. The SenterNovern agency was subsidized from 2005 to 2009. However, despite the ecosystem of start-ups dedicated to this activity that emerged, the conservatism. It was not until March 2022 when the authorities approved the tasting of cultured meat.

Yes, within controlled conditions. The government wants to make sure it's safe before offering it as a panacea to the challenges of climate change and food security.

On the other hand United Kingdom, which has the largest ecosystem of start-ups in the sector, has also made a move. His government granted in 2021 one million pounds to «Edinburgh company Roslin Technologies». Besides, the "UK Food Standards Agency» conducted research on consumer opinion on alternative proteins.

In the case of Spain We also find a similar pattern. Some reluctance to take the step of Singapore but interest on the part of the State. It has also awarded grants. Specifically, 5 million euros to the enterprise Biotech. The objective of the study is to measure the impact of the cultured meat in the prevention of colon cancer and dyslipidemia.

sale of cultured meat
Cultured meat production laboratory


However, other countries have not funded any research. Germany is an example of this although its Ministry of Food and Agriculture announced its interest in doing so in December 2021. Today there are four start-ups and two large companies dedicated to research.

Nothing to do with the case France. The State has been very explicitly reluctant to consume this meat. Own Minister of Agriculture tweeted the following after Singapore's passage: "Is this really the society we want for our children? Not for me. I say it clearly, meat comes from life, not from laboratories. Trust me when I say that in France meat will remain natural and never artificial."

cultured meat
Laboratory meat / Source: IStock

However, there are two large companies dedicated to cultured meat in France. One of them called Gourmet achieved an investment of ten million dollars in 2021. In addition, among the investors there was a public bank: Bpifrance.


Thus, once the situation in the different countries has been exposed, it is your turn. What do you think of this type of food? Do you think it is safe and that it offers a solution to so many problems? Should it be regulated? Pay attention to our next articles because the gastronomic revolution just getting started.