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Anaconda Foods, the definition of cool and healthy products

Do you think it is possible to enjoy salty snacks, with natural ingredients, that do not contain allergens, vegan, suitable for celiacs and with the BIO and ecological quality seal? Although it seems incredible all these characteristics and many more are gathered by the Anaconda Foods snacks. A Madrid brand that surprises with its exclusive and eye-catching products. Do you want to meet her? Stay with us to discover it.

Anaconda Foods, 100% natural and organic products

About us Madrilenian Anaconda Foods was founded four years ago by the adventurer Victor R. Alonso. Today it has already managed to position itself and revolutionize the food sector thanks to its curious and innovative products.

His idea, based on traditional snacks, but with improved nutritional properties and completely natural ingredients, has made more and more his followers in Spain and Europe. This has also been possible thanks to the fact that society is increasingly aware and concerned about how well it feeds.

Anaconda Foods
Young woman eating snacks from Anaconda Foods | Source: Anacondafoods.com

How to choose which snack you prefer?

These tasty and healthy snacks currently have four references on the market, although given their success Anaconda Foods he intends to release two more in the coming months. First of all, their nachos, the first in Europe made without flour. They are made from whole grain corn and chickpea. Which makes them an excellent source of protein and fiber. You can also choose your favorite flavor, from cheese and kiss, to Salt of the Himalayas, to chili lemon

In the second category of these delicious snacks we have the Popcorn. Can you find the popcorn "Ready to eat" or traditional microwave. The former differ in that they are exploited with hot air and without oil, so they have 55% less fat than the other snacks on the market. And in the case of the latter, they are the latest launch of the company and have already officially become the healthiest on the entire European continent.

Last but not least are the coconut chips with chocolate. Thin slices of crunchy coconut that stand out for being baked instead of fried. Likewise, its ingredients are 100% natural and its sweet taste comes from coconut flower nectar plus the incredible Peruvian organic cocoa.

Anaconda Foods
Anaconda Foods Himalayan Salt Flavored Corn and Chickpea Nachos | Source: Anacondafoods.com

Where can you buy them?

Currently you can get the products de Anaconda Foods on its online website. Although the brand has developed a large network of first-rate points of purchase such as the airlines of Air Europa, Vueling, Iberia and Iberia Express; supermarkets like El Corte Inglés, Veritas, Dinosol and Leclerc; the well-known American brand of smoothies and coffees Starbucks; vending machines with brands such as Delikia Fresh, Easy Vending or Alliance Vending; hotel chains like AC Hotels, Soho House and Room Mates; and at service stations such as Repsol.

But in addition to leaving the traditional points of sale, Anaconda Foods he wanted to go even further. The latest point of sale to join this company is nothing more and nothing less than the brand of Druni perfumeries, chain with more than 250 establishments on the national scene. A unique and risky event that we cannot find out how successful it will be, since it is the first channel related to aesthetics and beauty and not to food.


Anaconda Foods
Coconut organic chocolate chips | Source: Anacondafoods.com

In this growing company they could not forget the design. Unique and with striking images of animals with a traditional Indian look with feathers and makeup. This has helped large brands such as Druni or AC Hoteles to add these products so attractive and attractive to capture the attention of the most demanding public.

Honoring the consumer of the XXI century and transparency, Anaconda Foods it has become an example of good practice throughout Europe. And you, haven't you tried the different snacks of the brand yet? What has been the one that has attracted your attention the most? Now that you know where to get them, you just have to enjoy them.