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“Hotel Tapa Tour” returns to Barcelona

The Catalan capital welcomes a new edition of «Hotel Tapa Tour», the culinary festival that allows Barcelonans discover some of the best hotels of your city in a format much more casual.

The most informal culinary festival returns: Hotel Tapa Tour

This new initiative is an alternative proposed by some of the hotels attached to the route: a tour four cap guide that, by way of tasting menu, invites you to get to know the different gastronomic spaces that are housed in the same hotel. Unlike the others, this experience does require prior reservation and these are some of the establishments that offer it: The Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, el Intercontinental Barcelonaplatforms, arts hotel barcelona: The Barcelona Edition.

Some of the names of the tapas that you can enjoy on the tour and their prices

Ccrunchy anelón stuffed with crab; Cow tail croquette with piquillo pepper mayonnaise; Pâté en croûte of Iberian pork and foie from Empordá, Fritter with sobrassada and Cointreau…. These are some of the names of the many snacks that can be enjoyed on this gastronomic route. Each hotel offers its cover, which ranges, on average, between 8 and 12 euros.

If culinary tastings catch your eye and you want to start with something more carefree, you can consult all the information regarding participating hotels, prices and itineraries on the websites de Hotel Tapa Tower.