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Burgos wine, much more than a wine

We are going to talk about one of the best wines that are produced in the Spanish territory. We talk about the Ribera de Duero PDO. The southern region of the province of Burgos is producing some wines high quality.

«In recent times, towns such as Moradillo de Roa have become one of the essential bastions when it comes to discovering the origins of one of the province's greatest attractions. It is currently at the height of Aranda de Duero (Burgos) in terms of essential steps within the Ribera Duero Wine Route. »

Wine barrels
Wine barrels

Known as the Village of the Bodegas, Moradillo de Roa became during the last edition of FITUR (International Tourism Fair) in all a claim for visitors.

Its more than 150 wineries and presses that shape this town became the best heritage when it came to showing the effort of an entire town. In addition to recovering its original wine-growing facilities.

Under the name of El Cotarro, this project to raise awareness and maintain its wineries is today the Award for the Best Tourism Initiative in Spain. It is in Burgos.

Morillo de Roa (Burgos), a must-see place

Its underground galleries, which year after year attract even Roa Moradillo to visitors from all over Spain. All this represents today an important heritage attraction that from the Spanish Association of Cities of the Wine (ACEVIN) they wanted to recognize it as a great added value.

Thanks to this recovery project, many of these underground wineries continue to store the Ribera del Duero PDO wine today, at a depth of 15 meters. The subsoil of Roa Moradillo It was built by the ancestors of the neighbors who today have fought to preserve this heritage complex.

Places, many of them dating from the XNUMXth century and that today still keep oak barrels from that time. A good part of these facilities are still today a meeting place to taste the specialties of the area, such as suckling lamb, blood sausage or cheese.

A place that adds artistic touches to the constant winks to smell, of all those names that have wanted to pay homage to this sense through sight or touch.