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Can you use cannabis in the kitchen?

You probably don't know that the April 20 is the International Day of Cannabis or Marijuana. In Spain, the consumption, possession, or cultivation of marijuana is not considered a crime, as long as it is for your own consumption and is not intended for traffic. Therefore, some people have joined the practice of using it with a fun culinary use to discover new recipes and also enjoy its benefits. Do you want to know what the cannabis in the kitchen?

Cannabis cuisine

Cooking with marijuana is not too complicated, but for this, as with all ingredients, you have to know how much to add. Likewise, as a component is something special, it is important that you also know what type there is and how much tiempo it takes time to show its effects once consumed. In the cannabis cuisine, of course. Later we will clarify these two aspects.

cannabis in the kitchen
Marijuana plant

Marijuana is actually a green or gray mixture of dried, diced flowers from the plant. Cannabis sativa. It also contains cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds that give personality and identity to the herb; the best known and most used are the tetrahydrocannabido (THC) and cannabidol (CBD). In the culinary world you can use both the CBD, that does not have psychoactive effects, such as THC, which is used if you want to get a feel and a bigger “ride”.

Among the main characteristics of CBD is its use as control of epileptic seizures and its use to reduce pain and control inflammation. It is also used for palliative purposes and in addition to not generating addiction, its use for medical purposes has been regulated.

The other type of cannabinoid is THC. This helps increase appetite, reduce nausea, and, in turn, counteracts pain, inflammation and muscle problems. The problem with this substance is that it has psychotropic effects and long-term atrophy of brain function.

cannabis in the kitchen

What recipes can be made with the famous "Maria"?

Before you start cook You should know what variety of marijuana you are using and, if you can, know how much THC it has. Usually, the effect of the THC ingested may take between one and two hours to appear, depending on the amount ingested and the metabolism of each one. Once it appears, it can last at most a few eight hours. Likewise, you should start by adding a small amount and see what effect it produces so as not to go overboard.

Actually, you can make any recipe using cannabis if you follow the correct steps and know how to incorporate it into the dish. But, among the best known, are the brownies, la butter cannabis, the Smoothies, ketchup of marijuana and even homemade liquors.

Also, if you are vegan, do not worry, since, although most recipes of cannabis in the kitchen incorporate butter, lard or other types of animal fats, they can also be made cannabis infusions using any type of oil, be it sunflower, olive or even coconut.

Marijuana brownie, cannabis in the kitchen

This is one of the most popular recipes. To make it you need unsalted butter, pastry chocolate, sugar, flour, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and marijuana in crushed bud. To prepare it, first of all, preheat the oven to 180ºC and melt the chocolate. Second, add the butter and marihuana finely chopped into the melted chocolate and mix well.

Then let the mixture rest for 15 minutes and beat the eggs. The third step is to add the sugar, cinnamon and vanilla to the eggs and combine it with the first mixture. Later, add the flour and stir well. Finally, pour the preparation into the molds and put them in the oven for half an hour.

cannabis in the kitchen
Marijuana Brownie | Source: Iwannagrowshop.com

After taking them out of the oven and letting them cool, all that remains is to enjoy them correct and controlled way. If this is your first time trying a food with marijuana You should start by trying just one bite and noticing its effect, because if you eat a lot you could feel very bad and have a terrible feeling.

Experiment with cannabis in the kitchen sure you find it novel and interesting, since it is a very rare ingredient among us. It can be a fun activity and at the same time you can enjoy delicious food. Do you dare to try a recipe and tell us? Of course, always in moderation and care!