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Sardines in olive oil, a superior preserve

Enjoy the best blue Fish on this day of San Juan It is a luxury that in Galicia, where it is eaten as a typical food during these dates, they have thanks to products such as those offered Royal Spanish Conservera (RCE). A family that takes care of every detail to provide you with exquisite preserves. Some like the one it contains sardine in olive oil they have even been awarded among the best in the world. Why do we talk about a superior product like this?

The best preserve in the world

In the 2021 list of the World's 101 Best Canned Products from the sea, preserves sardine in olive oil of Real Conservera Española won the award for best in the world in its category of this blue fish so appreciated by the consumer. In your pantry you can not miss a can like this of RCE because it is a food very nutritious, comfortable to serve, practical to take it anywhere and of course delicious to the palate.

Fished in the Rías Baixas, sardines are of another level in this privileged enclave in Galicia, in Spain and even on the planet. The reason is in the diet they have, based on the large amounts of plankton that comes from the currents of the Azores. This food is essential for the flavor that the blue fish offers you later. That is why it is different from others. The sardine of the south spanish, for example, it is thinner, longer and smaller than the one in northern Galicia.


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This is the sardine in olive oil

In RCE they work since 1920 with crafts and tradition, always with a first class raw material, exclusively from the Galician estuaries. Sardines are caught in their best seasoning point, in full campaign, to later pack them by hand. Before, this blue fish is subjected to a process of toasted that also differentiates the final product that RCE offers you compared to the competition.

La sardine in olive oil and salt shines with its characteristic silver color, its flavor is intense fishy and its texture is creamy. Also, it improves canning with that maceration in AO. Among its nutritional contributions, the high in Omega 3 and protein. The can contains between three and four pieces (about 120 grams), at a price of less than € 5, with the following nutritional value:

Energy value: 1034, 14 KJ-247 Kcal

Protein: 17,1 grams

Carbohydrates: 9,6 grams

Fat: 15,6 grams

Sardine in olive oil
Sardines in olive oil / Photo: @ realconserveraespañola

How can you consume this great gourmet product? Since Royal Spanish Conservera They recommend tasting it on toasted bread spread with fresh tomato or salted butter and a few slices of onion.

However, this preserve is so versatile that you can take it in multiple ways: in a sandwich, on toast with pate, in any type of salad, with white rice, with noodles, in a carpaccio, making meatballs homemade with sardines and a long etcetera.

We recommend this sardine in olive oil from RCE because there is no other like it. You can buy it in the Online store from the Galician company. How do you usually consume this marine delicacy? Can you recognize the one that comes from the Rías Baixas and the one that is caught in the Mediterranean?