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Specialized Restaurants

Gallinejas Frying Shop

Frying of Gallinejas Ambassadors 84

This unique place in offering a typical product of Madrid gastronomy is an essential visit in Madrid. Get to know the Gallinejas Freidory here.

Castizo restaurant

The Castizo restaurant

This place located in Seville offers dishes and elaborations of the land together with the best bottles from all over Spain. This is the Castizo restaurant.

Caviar Nacarii

Caviar Nacarii tasting

Between Val d'Aran and its premises in Barcelona, ​​the 'black gold' of gastronomy has in Caviar Nacarii a privileged place, where you can try it in recipes.

Tunateca Balfegó

Tunateca Balfegó Restaurant

Tunateca Balfegó manages to combine in an exclusive space, well located and communicated an original cuisine around bluefin tuna, its star product.

Poncelet Cheese Bar

Poncelet Cheese Bar Restaurant

Cheese lovers can choose at Poncelet Cheese Bar, the first cheese bar in Spain, located in Madrid, among 150 artisan types from up to 11 countries.

La Boucherie Restaurant

La Boucherie Restaurant

In this small place located in the Born district of Barcelona, ​​meat lovers will find a meat paradise in La Boucherie Restaurant.

Shuwa Shuwa Restaurant

Shuwa Shuwa Restaurant

This Shuwa Shuwa restaurant is the first sake bar in Spain and in it you can get to know in depth the world of the drink that best combines with Japanese food.

El Brote Restaurant

El Brote Restaurant

All types of mushrooms from Spain arrive at El Brote restaurant, including the prized amanita caesarea and perretxiko. A paradise for anyone to taste.