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Sollo restaurant, the chef of caviar

Specialty: River fish
Name: Sollo Restaurant
Address: Avenida El Higuerón, 48, 29640 Fuengirola
Region: Málaga
Telephone: 951385622

River fish, sustainable stars in the kitchen

In a place set with the natural habitat from where the pampered products arrive to the table, in the Sollo Restaurant you can enjoy the most tasty river fish. He sturgeon trout, catfish or the tilapa, Among other species, they are the stars of a cuisine that focuses on bringing out the full potential of the delicacy in question. While it is true that we are talking about seafood that can be somewhat bland, the talent of Diego Gallegos, known as Caviar chef, comes out so that that adjective does not enter their dishes. Thus, its elaborations are of authentic Michelin star, like the one it treasures.

Those tasting menus with up to the 80 % of the dishes represented by any of the freshwater fish they even go beyond the gastronomic aspect. Because own Sollo Restaurant takes care of the aquaponic production of fish in huge, well-kept tanks. In this way, bet on the internal of the stellar product of his kitchen, always served with vegetables also from his own crops. Two aspects that also differentiate the premises from the rest of the existing offer, although the greatest wealth is in each of the recipes, prepared and presented to the diner with the utmost care of details.

Caviar chef

Diego Gallegos / Photo: guiarepsol

Brazilian talent at Sollo Restaurant

In front of the stove and the direction of the Sollo Restaurant there is the brazilian cook Diego Gallegos, a specialist teacher in freshwater fish. He knows perfectly how to take advantage of all of them by fusing the cuisine of his native country with other Latinas and even Spanish. He has even dared the piranhas! Among the tastings that you can enjoy, we highlight the following names of dishes: catfish cooked in ashes, eel moqueca and chlorophyll.

Of course, the specialty of Gallegos is to integrate the caviar in their recipes, but not just any one, but that of Cold river, the ecological that travels from Granada to Malaga. The sustainable and respectful commitment to both the raw material and the environment is imperial. If you want to delight your palate with the most exquisite river fish, you only have to ask for your reservation at the Sollo Restaurant!

caviar dish fish
Recipe with caviar / Photo: guiarepsol