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Opazo restaurant: seafood delicacies in the capital

Specialty: Seafood and fish
Name: Opazo (O'Pazo)
Address: Calle Reina Mercedes, 20, 28020 Madrid
Region: Madrid
Telephone: 915 53 23 33
Web: http: opazo.es

El Opazo restaurant it is a special case. The capital of Spain has hundreds of restaurants dedicated to fish and seafood. However, not everyone is like today's guest. Let's see how he does not lose a bit of the Galician flavor on the way to Madrid, as with other products from different Spanish coasts. 


History Opazo restaurant starts in the year 1969. He quickly made a name for himself and got Michelin star in the first edition of the guide in Spain. It is in 1981 when Evaristo García buys it and his family takes over. As of this year the old restaurant becomes the seafood restaurant prestige that we have today.

This hospitality visionary is nothing more and nothing less than the owner of Coruñesas fishmongers. That is why it supplies itself with the products of the sea that it serves its customers. In addition, his empire includes two other Madrid restaurants: The fisherman y Filandón. It also owns the company catering Aibada Catering.

Today are their offspring who run the empire. They are in charge of modernizing the restaurant without losing its magic. They still have the classic clientele. In large part this is made up of executives who come during their business dinners. They are your primary reference, as they maintain your judgment despite the fashions.

Tables in the opazo restaurant

Tables at O'Pazo restaurant / Source: opazo.es

Opazo restaurant, a classy place

It is a spacious establishment capable of accommodating 120 diners. However, some areas can become reserved for more privacy. Its decoration is sophisticated y sober. More like a fancy restaurant Asian than the typical Galician with a seafaring atmosphere.

Its success would not have been possible without Francisco Monje Lara. The Jaén arrived in 1972 as head of the party and ten years later he was promoted by García. He has been a chef for 41 years and has achieved the third sun of the Repsol Guide for the restaurant. It does an impressive job of preserving flavor. This makes possible the success of a Galician restaurant so far off the coast.

Table in opazo restaurant

Table at O'Pazo restaurant / Source: opazo.es

The letter 

Its most representative foods parade before the eyes of the newcomer in the counter. It is a selection of seafood, many Galicians, seasonal. Others come from the Cantabrian Sea, the Mediterranean or the Atlantic: shrimp, scampi and prawns. The latter are white (from Huelva) and red (from Denia).

You could say it's like serving a part of Galicia and other original seafood spots on your plate as the quality is excellent. It consists of a wide offer that has some star dishes. Its main feature is enhance the natural flavors of their dishes through a simple elaboration. Here no dressings and sauces. Only taste of the sea.

Chef of the opazo restaurant

Francisco Monje Lara, chef at O'Pazo / Source: guiarepsol.com

Of all this large market we recommend first the seafood spatter. This is a selection of different species of the day with a little seasoning. It also has a certain touch of onion.

Endemic dishes of the restaurant

Another highlight of the house is called Sole Evaristo, in homage to the former owner of the empire. It is a "platazo" for two people, simple but delicious. A sole is grilled for 15 minutes on each side. After that, it is served accompanied by some very fine French fries.

His other famous dish is wild turbot prepared in the oven. This is only accompanied by a light sauce from the juice of the fish itself when cooked.

One of the most noteworthy starters is the artisan smoked salmon of Pescaderías Coruñesas. The carabineros croquettes and the Galician octopus also preserve the Galician flavor. We also have raw dishes like ceviches and tartars. The most famous is the red tuna tartare.


Sole / Source: guiarepsol.com

The best seafood, in Opazo

Now that winter is coming it will be nice to warm you up with a Soup of fish and seafood. There are other options in which presentation and originality prevail. Green rice with fish hook squid and "Txanguro" presented in scallop shell are two examples.

Speaking of cephalopods, we found an excellent octopus Galician. Other notable mollusks are the squid hook in its ink and jigging squid Andalusian.

To finish ...

Outside of the world of seafood and fish we don't find much. The meat is limited to the beef tenderloin. Where if there is something more variety is in the desserts. What dessert we highlight the crepes filled with cream. For non-Galicians we clarify that it is a dessert similar to crêpes.

You know, start saving if your mouth is watering with this Opazo restaurant. We don't want to make you spoiler of the price. Despite this, we will tell you about the rice pudding to give you an idea: seven and a half euros. To give you a whim...

seafood platter opazo restaurant
Plate with mussels, prawns and other marine products / Photo: @ restaurante.opazo