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La Hojaldrería restaurant, all crunchy

Specialty: Puff pastry
Name: The puff pastry
Address: Calle de la Virgen de los Peligros, 8, 28013 Madrid
Region: Madrid
Telephone: 910 59 91 53
Website www.tripadvisor.es

La Hojaldrería Restaurant transports us to a previous time while we taste their delicious dishes. The innkeeper and chef Javier Bonet and the pastry chef Estela Gutierrez they have found the perfect formula. It is a place based on the fusion but out of a great love for the tradition. Go straight to taste their dishes in person after reading this article.

If you are one of those who loves puff pastry, you are in luck. You might get hungry while strolling around the Puerta del Sol. In that case, you can turn off towards the Seville metro and then onto Gran Vía. Before reaching it, you will find a restaurant whose name leaves little to the imagination. 

Interior of La Hojaldrería

Interior of La Hojaldrería. Source: TripAdvisor.es

This is La Hojaldrería Restaurant

The exterior reminds us of nineteenth century. Once inside we find ourselves in an old tea room. The decor part of the experience. Thus, the golden elements, curtains on the walls and pastel colors are part of the atmosphere. A perfect decoration to transport you to another era. It has a bar and a few tables. 

Also, the restaurant couldn't be in a better location. What is now The puff pastry, long ago it was a creamery for almost a hundred years. The butter is, next to the flour and Water, the base of the puff pastry.

The idea is to return the glory to this plate. What was a luxury delicacy was relegated to the catering that they prepared it in a bland way. That is why Bonet has a complete menu for all tastes. This includes two sections: breakfasts and snacks; meals and dinners.

Breakfasts and snacks

Each filtering bag breakfasts and snacks they make them on their own workshop. This is in the basement of the premises. You can find various delicious dishes among them. An example are the half moons glass filled with cream, chocolate or angel hair. 

You can also taste palmeritas o tartlets. The latter come in various flavors: white chocolate, raspberries and sorbet. To drink you can ask for coffee or chocolate made in the same puff pastry. Serving a simple breakfast of 2,50 consisting of a toast with tomato or butter and jam and a coffee with milk.


Sweets at La Hojaldrería. Source: TripAdvisor.es

Meals and dinners

As for lunches and dinners, we highlight that there are also dishes without puff pastry. However, most are made of it. For something is the La Hojaldrería Restaurant. Among the main dishes are some picturesque ones. One of these is the endive roasted with pomegranates and blue cheese churro.

The specialty of the house is burger Wellington with flaky potatoes. In addition, you can find burrata salad with tomato and basil. To finish we will mention the grilled red tuna with citrus, angel hair and fried puff pastry. 

Bluefin tuna dish. Source: TripAdvisor.es

Bluefin tuna dish. Source: TripAdvisor.es

The idea, well received by the diner

Most comments on TripAdvisor they are positive. They place particular emphasis on your quiet atmosphere all details well taken care of. The place surprises even those who order a coffee and do not get to taste the puff pastry. They also highlight the incredible the service and location.

EastThe idea, well received by the diners, arose from the meeting between the chef Javier Bonet with the Cantabrian pastry chef Estela Gutierrez. She taught him her work in the family pastry in Cabezón de la Sal (Cantabria). He was amazed by the puff pastry in a climate adverse place. At that time he proposed to work in Madrid, where the Dry weather favors puff pastry.

They both really wanted to do something with the candy but like pastry chefs. They didn't want to behave like cooks making desserts. That's when they imagined puff pastry as the fine line with which to keep the ebalance between sweet and salty. 

Javier Bonet was already known before. The chef and entrepreneur is responsible for other successes such as Cutting room, industrial looking and cold. He also directs the acclaimed Muta in Chamberí. This is mutating periodically to house cuisines from different countries and new chefs. Its main characteristics are the Constant change and kiosk from which the food is ordered. 

Tables in La Hojaldrería

Tables at La Hojaldrería. Source: TripAdvisor.es

The puff pastry It is the obligatory establishment for every good puff pastry lover. Inside it you will not only taste its delicious flavor since it is much more. It is an environment, a different way of doing things. Come inside and be captivated by the aroma of freshly baked puff pastry.

La Hojaldrería Restaurant Wellington Burger in La Hojaldrería
Wellington burger at La Hojaldrería. Source: Pixabay