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Perfect Day and its synthetic milk

Is it possible to consume cow's milk without leaving the udders of this animal? Although it may seem strange, the answer is yes. Perfect Day It has been marketing this drink for a few years as a solution for those who wish to consume more sustainable food. We tell you all the details.

Perfect Day's synthetic milk

In the year 2017, the company Perfect Day revolutionized the world of food. Earlier that year, the company brought its synthetic milk to market. It is a drink that play all components of the bovine mammary secretion, but without the use of this animal in its manufacturing process. This product is industrially made with genetically modified yeasts, as well as nutrients present in animals and plants.

This new product, which is advertised as "free of animal products", is presented as an alternative that respects the animal world and the environmental impact. In addition, it is a more sustainable production. That is, since not as many resources are used as are used in animal production. Business managers explain that this concept is very similar to that of laboratory meat, a project developed by Dutch researchers.

Perfect Day
Synthetic milk is the food of the future. / Source: eComercio Agrario

Nestlé is interested in this drink

In recent weeks we have learned that Nestlé has taken an interest in this product marketed by Perfect Day. And it is that the Swiss food giant has noticed this new food to be able to develop it in its different varieties of products. With the alliance signed by the two companies, the Swiss multinational wants to position yourself in the vegetable products market.

Nestlé has been marketing plant products for some years now so that its consumers have a alternative to dairy. Even so, the food company wants to market this drink at the end of this year in some of the establishments in order to test its profitability. If all goes well, they intend to take it to the international market in the coming months.

Perfect Day
Perfect Day also sells cheeses made with synthetic milk. / Source: Perfect Day

A sustainable and healthy drink

As we have already commented, Perfect Day has opted for this product, among other things, because of the multiple benefits it brings to the environment. According to the company, the production of this drink consumes 65% less energy, 98% less water and 91% less land. I also know reduce by 84% greenhouse gas emissions, something essential in the fight against climate change.

The benefits of this synthetic milk are multiple. Although from the company doubted the reaction of consumers towards this product, the truth is that its sales exceed expectations. To this we add that Nestlé's entry into the equation has caused expectations to grow. Without giving up the taste of traditional milk, it is a dynamic product in terms of nutrients, above all it is rich in protein and calcium.

Perfect Day
Meat made in a laboratory by scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. / Source: UNAM

Other synthetic foods

the milk of Perfect Day It is not the only synthetic food on the market. In recent years, more and more products of this type have been introduced to the market. In 2016, researchers at the University of North Carolina created the first nugget of Turkey", made with muscle of this bird. There is also another product marketed by the firm The Vegetarian Butcher Shop, composed of a soy protein concentrate and water.

Is a possible egg without chicken? The answer is yes. Clara Foods develops its egg whites from cell culture. And as for fish, in 2002, NASA sought to create new fish with the aim of offering them to its astronauts on their space missions. To achieve this, they submerged muscle tissue from a carp in a special culture liquid, achieving to grow in size. Even so, this strategy was shelved.

As we have seen, these new foods are here to stay. And it is that the concern for the environment every time it is present in our mind. It is everyone's task to contribute to producing and consuming this type of food for the good of society. Don't you think?