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Nueva Estrella Galicia de grelos: the most Galician?

Hijos de Rivera surprise us with Galician star of turnip greens. This limited edition pays homage to a recognized ingredient in Galician cuisine: turnip greens. However, talking about them and their uses would give for another article. How did the idea for this beer come about? What makes it truly unique? Let's see it!

How to make the Estrella Galicia de grelos

On this occasion, the brewery has once again focused on local flavors when it comes to innovating. He already did it before with some like octopus, barnacles o pimientos de padrón. However, the new Estrella Galicia is made of turnip tops and with this they bet once again on the indigenous agriculture. The factory has contacted two local suppliers to produce the 10.000 liters that are part of this special edition. One is about the Val Xestoso Cooperative, that supplies fresh turnip greens.

On the other hand, Milhulloa is responsible for dehydrated turnip greens. Both are essential, since they are added to the recipe in two different phases. One takes place during cooking and the other occurs in the cellar. They are part of the method baptized as dry greling in homage to dry hop usually done with hop. The process results in an easy-to-drink beer with vegetal notes that clearly refer to the main ingredient.

star galicia grelos
Bottle of the new edition with a bunch of turnip greens/ Source: courtesy of Hijos de Rivera

La Grelos Galician Star It is the eighteenth limited edition released by the factory. Luis Romero, brand manager of this, highlights it as follows: "we are by nature nonconformist and we take our land and our product very seriously, always looking for ways to continue improving and innovating more every day without giving up our artisan spirit». In addition, the beer shows the commitment to the origin as a cornerstone. Have you been wanting to try it?