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Miguel Torres Chile celebrates 40 years

La Torres family He came in 1979 al Curicó Valley and contributed to energize Chilean viticulture. It contributed important oenological innovations for that time and forgotten varieties were rescued. Ecological agriculture and fair trade projects were also developed. Thus, Miguel Torres Chile turns 40 today since its foundation and has established itself as one of the reference wineries in the Andean country. It has been distinguished as 'Vine of the year 2018' by the Chilean Wines Association. Learn more about this foundation here.

Since the purchase of the first 100 hectares of the vineyard Santa Digna (Maquehua-Curico)currently available More than 400 hectares owned vineyard. They are present in the regions of Maule, Bío-Bío and Ñuble. Make about ten references of wines and El Gobernador pisco, which are marketed in more than 115 countries.

Singular wines from Miguel Torres Chile

One of the most exciting chapters of the 40 years trajectory of Miguel Torres Chile it has been the discovery of varieties relegated to oblivion. Ancestral vineyards that give rise to unique wines. Miguel Torres Maczassek –Executive President of Miguel Torres Chile - describes Manso de Velasco, the vineyard of cabernet sauvignon vines over 115 years old. This gives rise to the first icon red that the Chilean winery presented, as "a survivor of the agricultural revolution."

Moreover, the recovery of the country grape, with which the Pink sparkling wine Estelado and La Causa País, have also been another of the great contributions of the winery to Chilean viticulture. His commitment to this historic strain has provided fundamental support for the work of thousands of farmers.

In the philosophy that defends Miguel Torres Chile recovering traditional varieties is also part of the rescue of the carignan. This variety in the Maule valley it offers a singular expression, with centenary vines. The project VIGN (Club de Vignadores del Carignan) was one of the most relevant innovations. It was presented with the first vintage of the red Cordillera Carignan 1996. The oenological project in the Itata Valley is the one that gives life to The cause. A collection of wines that highlights old varieties such as Muscat and Cinsault, while helping to recover Chilean wine history. Since it was in this valley where viticulture originated more than 300 years ago.

Finally, another of the great challenges for the Torres Family in Chile It has been to find slate stone floors like those of Priorat. This project began to be defined in 1995 with the acquisition of the Empedrado farm, in Constitución, 180 km south of Curicó. With the first vintage of Cobblestone Stairs 2012, the first Chilean pinot noir planted on slate stone terraces. In this way, the dream of a wine that seemed impossible is realized: "Great wines are born out of difficulties - says Miguel Torres Maczassek - in the end nature rewards those who venture to seek their limits."

Fair Trade

During his time at the head of Miguel Torres Chile from 2009 to 2012, Torres Maczassek considered Chile as his "own home." He defined the future strategy of the winery, betting on sustainability, organic viticulture and a focus on high-end wines.

After the crisis derived from the 2010 earthquake, he decided to orient the winery towards the so-called 'Fair Trade'. It became one of the first wineries to take that path and obtain certification 'Fair Trade' that same year.

Ecology and climate change

Focusing its commitment on organic viticulture, the 100% of its vineyards have been certified organic since 2012. Great efforts are devoted to projects of sustainability and recovery of traditional varieties, working with small winegrowers.

To meet the challenge of climate change and contribute to mitigate its effects, Miguel Torres Chile works in the weight reduction of the bottles. Since these have a significant impact on the carbon footprint. It is invested every year in renewable energy. It has also acquired in 2018 a 5.000 hectare farm in the Patagonia, "Fundo Los Cóndores". All this destined to the planting of trees to compensate, with their own efforts, their CO2 emissions.

Tourist and gastronomic experiences

Miguel Torres Chile has bet on him wine tourism. It offers visits and experiences in its wine cellar Curicó to publicize the Chilean wine wealth. More than ten thousand visitors, many of them Brazilians, come there every year to meet it and learn about the world of wine and its agricultural work.

It also contributes to spreading the wine culture through gastronomy. Since it is with cooking that wine is enhanced and best enjoyed. Thus, it has the Miguel Torres Wine Restaurant, located in the same winery in Curicó, and La Bodeguita Miguel Torres, in Santiago de Chile.

Santa Digna Rosado, 40th anniversary special edition

To celebrate your 40th anniversary, Miguel Torres Chile has launched a special edition of Santa Digna Rosé. The first wine with which the winery was released. The bottle features a unique design represented by the Chilean national flower, the Copihue.