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This is the most insolent advertising lie of 2021!


It's been more than a month since we wrote an article about the candidates for the advertising lie most insolent of the year. Some products like so-called healthy gummies or protein bars of a an influencer They were two clear examples. But… Which of the chosen blind people received the award from the jury? Tens of thousands of people have come to a conclusion. Discover it!

The vote

We say goodbye to the year knowing the most blatant advertising lie that the German organization denounced Foodwatch. This, which brings together consumers and ensures that brands meet quality standards, held a vote. Participated more than 63.000 consumers. It was not easy, since the competition was close, but finally the prize was taken Rewe. However, this march filleted chicken breasts You won't have the pleasure of picking it up.

Why does he deserve the award for the biggest lie?

Rewe Advertise as a business neutral in CO2 emissions. Nothing is further from reality. Foodwatch investigations concluded that their project to protect vegetation in Peru (Tambopata) it has not served for anything. Well, actually it has served to give them a good image while the deforestation followed. Therefore, it is not that the brand offers a more ecological product than the competition.

Foodwatch awards the Most Insolent Advertising Lie Award of 2021 to the chicken breast brand Rewe / Source: @foodwatch_de on Twitter

And the rest?

The fight for first place was fierce. Rewe And the water Volvic by Danone they finished the vote with very little difference. Thus, the first prevailed with the 27% of the votes and the second with the 26'8%. And the decision has not been easy. Volvic claims that his bottles are made from recycled plastic, which Foodwatch adamantly denies. In addition, it is also not a carbon neutral brand due to the trucks that transport the bottles over long distances.

Third place goes to Mövenpick Green Cap with the 15'6%. It is a brand of coffee capsules that are not recyclable, no matter how much they say it. Then it goes, with the same percentage, Katjes Wunderland+vitamin. It is a brand of gummies that in theory provide vitamins but that has a huge amount of sugar and dyes. finally with 14'1%, we found the fitness influencer's protein bars pamela leiff. We do not invite you to try any of these.