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Improving animal welfare improves food

Concern for improving animal welfare is directly related to improving food quality. This was stated by the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides. She seems to indicate that concern for the improvement of these two areas is increasingly relevant in the European Union.

In a conference given in Brussels, the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety wanted to stress the importance of making progress in animal welfare. In this way, it is planned to review and improve the laws for the protection of farm animals in the European Union. As they have indicated, the improvement in the quality of life of the animals translates into a lower level of diseases and consequently the use of medicines for their treatment. Also to reinforce and improve the biodiversity of the environment. For all these reasons, the commissioner has insisted that they are working so that the animals, consumers and also farmers benefit from the new legislation.

Fewer cages and less force-feeding in improving animal welfare

According to the proposals that are being worked on, it seems that the trend is to reduce cages, forced feeding and large farms. Thus the tendency will be to favor small farms, biodiversity, extensive livestock in favor of food quality and animal welfare.

And it is that the greater sanitary control to use less antibiotics in farm animals favors a less intensive and industrial livestock and favors a more rational livestock. In the new legislation, everything revolves around why the European Union cannot afford to improve these standards and produce more consciously.

So it looks like the future is going towards higher quality, more sustainable farm production on smaller farms. Possibly with a lower consumption of products of animal origin than the current one and giving more space to vegetable protein in our diet.