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The best IPA beer in Spain, in search

In the exciting world of beer, lovers of this drink in all its variants and different styles have wanted to go one step further to find the best IPA beer in Spain. An initiative of three brewers together with other stakeholders transformed into the Madrid Brew Competition. Will look for that Indian pale ale more attractive, after a blind tasting by independent experts, without links with the producers. All those that are marketed in our country may be presented, of this style, of course. 

What is an IPA like?

First of all we would like to clarify what is really a beer from the Indian Pale Ale (IPA) style. Its three words define it perfectly, starting with the place that motivated its elaboration in the XNUMXth century, when the British colonized the India. Due to the enormous distance that separated the English country from the Asian country, a modification in beer national. This was to arrive in good condition after a long journey. Therefore, the content of hop, as well as alcohol (higher than 6º), something that made it very bitter.

On the other hand, the term Pale refers to its color, being the characteristic of the light malt used in the process to prepare the IPAWhile Ale It is used in beers of high fermentation. Hence its difference with lager, low fermentation.

Taking these factors into account when your production, it should be noted that it is not cheap to manufacture the best IPA beer in Spain. Hops are an expensive element and also the key to the success of the final product. Depending on the variety used or when it is added during the process, the beer it will be one or the other. The latter, in relation to bitterness, aromas and profile. 

Cervezas IPA / Photo: cervecillas.com

What will be the best IPA beer in Spain?

Knowing the above, there are combinations of all kinds to achieve an excellent IPA that captivates the consumer and beer lover. This is well known to the three creators of the initiative to elect the best IPA beer in Spain: José Manuel Única, Luis Martín and Jorde del Barrio. They coincide in defining this style as an "explosion of aroma, very drinkable, refreshing, with citrus, tropical and fruity tones." This has been explained for the newspaper El Mundo

"It is one of the styles that most allows brewers to innovate", he believes José Manuel. Therefore, in the contest Madrid Brew Competition the best will be awarded Modern and classic IPA. They want to find the perfect beer "bitter but unscratched, very fresh and aromatic." At BeerMad which will take place in May, the winner will be known after a blind tasting from certified judges.

Likewise, so that the public knows these beers, they will be served in different bars and they will be sold as well. Many industries are already starting to get their IPA's before the great reception that the craft, because there are practically no artisan brand not include it in your catalog.