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Masterchef Celebrity 4: 'gastro' recap 2

In the second program Master Chef Celebrity 4 The applicants of this edition were put in front of the stoves again without the one already expelled at the premiere Ana Obregon. Apart from controversy, recriminations and laughter, we review the dishes highlights of the night, from the worst to the best, without forgetting the originals. From the first to the last elimination test, the kitchens were red hot with each contestant giving their all before the attentive eyes of the chefs Jordi, Samantha and Pepe. Finally, the one who will not continue another week in the reality He is the former basketball player Jose Miguel Antunez. 

The best delicacies at Masterchef Celebrity 4

The first original dishes that were seen in Master Chef Celebrity 4 They were from the guest cook. From the restaurant castro maca, the chef Macarena offered a detailed explanation of what the marinated, which transforms both the taste and the texture of the food. He presented his two dishes: pray of pig black with salt, sugar, paprika, garlic, herbs and blackberry; eel marinated in salt and sugar at a low temperature. Huge, of course, before the applicants got down to the stove to use that technique (or the macerated).

And in these tasks, the judges were very surprised by the two presentations of 'Los Chunguitos', well done. A soy marinated chicken and onion on a base of potatoes and mushrooms (from Jose) or similar elaboration of his brother Juan left the jury speechless. This second won between all. In the same test, worst dishes were the pickled chicken with roasted potatoes (from Felix), the pork marinated with green asparagus (from Furiase) or sea bass on ratatouille accompanied by confit potatoes. This latest recipe from Antunez even had said Raw Fish...

Exact mistake that I was not going to repeat in the elimination test, although it is similar. It was no worse than the one Marta Torné (and that was saying), because the actress caught a real «Mazacote» between potato, orange and fish. But the former athlete missed an important step despite putting "a lot of heart" on it, as he well described. Said delicacy of the sea was presented with its scales, so such a serious failure condemned him not to continue in the kitchens. Much better was the excellent delicacy he prepared Almudena Cid with its popetes (of the same fish) together with globs of mashed potato. With this good taste in our mouths we close this second chapter of Masterchef Celebrity 4.