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Madrid Fusion 2023 presents “Without Limits”

Madrid Fusión, the International Gastronomy Congress, celebrates its XXI edition in Madrid

Madrid Fusion presents "Unlimited" as a motto on its twenty-first anniversary with the Community of Madrid as the main sponsor. This congress, which has been held since 2003, took place on 23, 24 and 25 for January at Ifema Madrid, breaking records in this edition with a count of 21.106 visitors, 2.479 congressmen and 1.216 journalists. The most influential gastronomic summit in the world has gathered these past days of January several of the most prominent figures linked to the contemporary haute cuisine. Dabiz Munoz, Massimiliano Alajmo, Pía or Poul Andrias were some of the most notorious speakers in this edition of Madrid Fusión.

"Without limits" as a motto in this 2023

Madrid Fusión constitutes a magnificent setting to publicize everything related to gastronomy, debate, be inspired or share ideas. Throughout the three days that the congress lasted, workshops, contests, technical demonstrations and awards ceremonies. This year the twenty-first edition is celebrated and the motto on which the call revolves is "Without Limits" on the occasion of the vindication of the moment of change that contemporary cuisine is experiencing. Madrid Fusión will present this 2023 novelties such as remote restaurants, urban kitchens, ethnic, popular and technological. Creativity, innovation and risk will be essential in this edition full of surprises and unexpected flavors.

The familiar faces of Madrid Fusion 2023

This new edition brings chefs who work in remote restaurants to the capital, such as Pia Leon, or ethnic cuisines like that of Dieuveil Malonga. We will also be transported to a nature in extreme conditions with Nicolai Tram or we will delve into a more popular cuisine with Rafael Cagali. In addition, for the first time he attended the congress Massimiliano Alajmo, one of the largest in Italian haute cuisine. On the Spanish scene, Dabiz Muñoz, Jordi Roca, Quique Dacosta, Oriol Castro, María Cano and Ricard Camarena are some of the names that attended the gastronomic summit.