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The best ice creams in Mercadona

With the summer started or even in spring already, each year the consumption of one of the products also arrives more refreshing, exquisite and disturbing for the diet. They are available in a single flavor or mixture of flavors and also in different formats (cones, cubes, boxes, etc.). But what are the best ice creams in Mercadona to eat without worrying too much about your figure? When buying this type of food so attractive as varied, it is important to know those more healthy. Therefore, here we recommend some and not others.

Get to know the best ice creams in Mercadona 

From the popular brand Farmer, above all, know what they are the best ice creams in Mercadona It is not an easy task. As you well know, companies focus their advertising objective on getting your attention (and that of your palate) through succulent images about the product. In these fresh foods that line still reaches a greater expression, so resisting not trying ice cream in particular is not easy.

However, even though almost all of them are captivating, they are also an important source of calories. Hence, choosing some better than others is the most recommended. Both for your health and to maintain your 'bikini operation' during the summer season. Always without abuse and as long as this is your goal, you can enjoy the lemon and coffee slushies. They are sold in a kind of glasses, completely frozen. To drink them, better leave them at room temperature half an hour before.

Raspberry sorbet tub mercadona
Sorbet tub / Photo: openfoodfacts.org

Another alternative of the best ice creams in Mercadona in this same line are the sorbets, made with fruits. You have of mango, tangerine, lemon or raspberries. They are presented in small boxes, called 'tubs', perfect to keep in the freezer for several weeks and go to them on warm days. Be careful, avoid that its consumption becomes a bad vice so as not to finish this summer delicacy all at once!

But if your intention this summer is another, the best ice creams in Mercadona to gain weight They are also within reach of your car. We recommend the 'tarrinas' of dark chocolate (with even crunchy pieces), capuccino or vanilla with pecan nuts. Other alternatives here are cream ice creams with Oreo cookies al cacaoplatforms, Crocan choc vanilla and the super sandwich. Delicious and high in calories to gain a few kilos while cooling your body.

the best ice creams in Mercadona
Caloric ice cream / Photo: mercadona.com

Other formats: from cans to sticks

The great variety of offer expands towards another type of formats presentation like boats, of which you have some succulent alternatives. We recommend the one of mint with pieces of dark chocolate, the sweet of milk with caramel sauce or chocolate cookies. Then, as for the cones, among its catalog of options we are left with another one of cookies with cocoa and cream or that of vanilla with caramel and pecan nuts. The rest already contain more basic traditional ingredients. For tastes, of course, you have to choose.

For its part, the format stick It is one of the most extensive with more than fifteen varieties. Which are of these the best ice creams in Mercadona? They are all delicious, but we highlight the almond bonbon (of which there is also a mini option) or the Hazelnut (which incorporates double cocoa and hazelnut cream). For frugivores, the one with a mixture of papaya, medlar, mango, coconut and fresh mint. However, there are solos of a single fruit from orange to strawberry.

Mercadona ice cream fruits
Fruit poles / Photo: mercadona.es

Ice creams for special groups

The Valencian company also has options for people who cannot consume the aforementioned ice cream products. Therefore, Diabetic they can resort to cones, poles and some 'tubs' as well as it does not have sugars. Instead, lactose intolerant or lovers of vegetable drinks can enjoy the best ice creams in Mercadona with those made with soybean or oatmeal. Whatever your case, you have any type of this star product to combat the heat by refreshing your palate and your body inside! We will continue to inform you about the new products that appear in the Valencian supermarket in this range of foods.