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Quail eggs and their secrets

The quail eggs are an alternative to eggs of chicken traditional that many people like throughout the planet. Its taste, its characteristics and its easy preparation are two of the elements that have made them so popular. Today we talk about its elements notable. ¡Descúbrelo!

Discover quail eggs

De eggs things are going, and if we search among the most remarkable, either by its taste, its shape or its size, it is clear that one of the most Popular are quail eggs. This variety has turned out to be more beneficial for health than many people thought at first, providing its consumers with various benefits. And best of all, they can be consumed without giving up the traditional variety from chickens.

But what are these? We take care of your rental property in Valencia. What are we talking about? Well, to begin with, the quail egg it has a higher protein content than its chicken cousin. This seems contradictory, due to the little size of this variant compared to the traditional ones. However, that is where the difference lies. Nutrients are more Concentrates in this small egg, due in part to the nutritional needs of the quail.

quail eggs
Quail eggs in a bowl ready for preparation | Source: Pixabay

Other components Also found in abundance in these little ones is folate. This component is responsible for intervening in the formation of fabrics mothers in the pregnant women. During pregnancies, they also help the development and growth of the fetus. The quail eggs they provide a total of 66 mcg (micrograms) versus 50 mcg for chicken eggs.

More benefits of quail eggs

We have already seen some of the benefits that bring us the quail eggs compared to those of chicken. However, there is more that we can take into account. It treats of a very nutritive and healthy, that despite being significantly smaller than what we are used to, they taste very similar. By comparing them level nutritional, are slightly more caloric and rich in nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.

quail eggs
Painted quail eggs to celebrate Easter | Source: Pixabay

Of the latter, specifically, it has more than the double in its composition than the free-range egg. And it is not the only one advantage that makes it easy for us Eating these types of eggs has been shown to increase the Muscle mass, since it is a good source of protein and promotes hypertrophy. It also maintains visual health as it is rich in vitamin A and helps improve vision. the memory and learning, in addition to preventing the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia.

Its shape and size may also be more attractive for young children who have difficulty eating traditional eggs, either because they don't like the taste or because they are too big. The novelty and the curious speckled pattern of the quail variant is usually very attractive to the eyes of the most small from the house They have even been used in colleges to paint and decorate the classes at Easter.

Not all are advantages

There are several disadvantages that we have to take into account if we decide to start eating this type of eggs. They are not recommended in people with liver diseases or people Allergic to proteins, since their intake facilitates the symptoms of poisoning. Also, like other foods, anything in excess is bad. In the case of quail eggs, the ideal is not to exceed 5 eggs a day, since it could create problems related to cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases.

quail eggs
Basket of ready-to-eat quail eggs | Source: Pixabay

It is important emphasize that it is a product that contains more quantity of cholesterol than its hen namesake. Also, they will be more little ones, but they contain more fat and calories, so abusing their consumption can lead to problems greater.

What do you think? Did you know all these benefits about quail eggs? Without a doubt, it is a very interesting food to add variety to our diet whenever we want to change our usual ingredients.