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Consumers ask for healthier restaurants

Health and food are increasingly linked by consumers. As a result of this fact, consumers demand that the offer in restaurants be healthier. This is reflected in the study carried out by the Food Barometer prepared by the company Edenred and that was presented on the occasion of nutrition day.

The study collects the demands and trends that diners value most in restaurants and that are already a trend. All these trends are already demanded by the consumer and will be collected by the catering sector in its gastronomic proposals.

One of the main trends will be increased demand for the “meat” of vegetable protein. A request that is increasing as the vegetarian public grows and flexitarian continuously. The study shows an increase in demand of 14% until 2030 for dishes with vegetable protein. Besides the demand for authentic food or real food will increase, that is to say, traditional and quality food and products looking for a healthier diet that goes back to the origin. Also looking for healthier proposals the consumption of fermented foods will increase significantly in restoration, according to the study.

Sustainability and healthy proposals are consolidated as a trend in restaurants

Seeking local, fresher and healthier food, that in addition you can know their producers or processors becomes important in the gastronomic proposals. According to the barometer, 90% ask for a healthier offer in restaurants. All this linked to local, ecological producers and with a proposal with less C02 footprint.

Thus the importance of sustainability in restoration is increasingly valued. Also the use of sustainable and biodegradable containers that are respectful with the environment is already an obligation for the restaurateur.