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Burgers continue to grow

Within fast chain chains, hamburger shops continue to grow and are leaders in Spain. All this is collected in the Informa's DBK Sectoral Observatory. Thus, fast food chains continue their great growth trend. This has been helped by the recovery of tourism, the rise in prices and the increase in private consumption.

Sales in fast food chains reached 4.680 million in 2022 with an increase of 18%. All after having an increase of 27% in 2021. With these increases, consumption prior to the covid-19 pandemic has already recovered.

Hamburger restaurants continue to grow and lead consumption

By types of food, in fast food chains, the hamburger continues to reign. The growth in this type of catering establishments in 2022 was 25%. This is how they managed to bill 2.800 million euros a long way from the next category, which are pizzerias with a billing of 745 million euros. The increase in market share of pizzerias is 4,2% in the last year. They are followed by sandwich chains that, with a turnover of 515 million euros and an increase of 8%, are in third position.

Without a doubt, fast food chains seem to have the formula and are growing in sales and in number of premises reaching 5.690 establishments in Spain, with moderate growth of 1,8% compared to the previous year.

The fast food sector continues to grow and the five main chains continue to account for almost 50% of the establishments of this type of restaurant. It is surprising that with 50% of the premises they manage to sell 74,5% of the total sales of this type of restoration. In addition, everything seems to indicate that this trend will continue in the coming years and franchised chains will take center stage and independent restaurants will lose it.