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The versatility of legumes

The chickpea dish that your grandmother used to put on your table 40 years ago not only has not disappeared, but also, it has been reinvented. The versatility of legumes opens up a world of experimentation in the kitchen.

Hummus made from chickpeas

Legumes; a highly nutritious and immensely versatile food

Legumes, in addition to being beneficial due to their high content of fiber and proteinThey are a very versatile dish. They provide us with minerals iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc and present a carbohydrate balance high quality. As if all these advantages were not enough, they are a food that prevents cardiovascular diseases and provides vitamins, mainly from group B. With all these benefits, the only "disadvantage" that can arise is that its taste does not convince you. In this case, you have two options. Or you can strictly follow the phrase your grandmother told you about: "Lentils, if you want you eat them and if not, you leave them" and miss out on its properties and benefits. Or, as a second alternative, you can search endless delicious recipes that legumes offer thanks to their versatility.

The versatility of these seeds opens up a world of alternatives to the "spoon" legume.

There are numerous alternatives to traditional legume dishes. In the case of the chickpeasFor example, instead of eating a Madrid stew, you can choose to prepare a chickpea salad,  hacer hummus or a chickpea cream The lentils They are also a very versatile legume, you can eat them in a stew or sprouted as a side to your salad. can also be done lentil soup or fake baked meatloaf. Last but not least: beans. Addition classic white bean stewyou can also prepare egg with white bean cream, pumpkin and white bean soup or a cod with white beans.

Ultimately, the the diversity offered by legumes and infinity of dishes that can be prepared from them are a very good reason to start incorporating them into our diet in a different way. And it is that, in addition to being nutritious, they are delicious.