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Christmas Star beer returns

We are already in November and we have a couple of months left for other weeks Christmas, Those of the 2019. During the most important dates it is tradition toast with a glass of cider or champagnebut in the family Hijos de Rivera they are supporters of another drink. That is why they have already launched the limited edition of christmas star beer, which is characterized by presenting itself in a champagne bottle and for its Galician content. Well, it is made with hop grown entirely in Galicia. Thus, a special beer returns to celebrate as a family both the farewell and the start of the new year. Learn more about this original Estrella Galicia here

Double recovery at the Christmas Star

This exclusive beer with which the brewing company wants to celebrate its 'Christmas green' was born from an important project of hop recovery purely Galician. Hence, this color is talked about in a edition limited of this beer that is also recovered for this 2019, after its success last year. Thus, the masters of Hijos de Rivera they have got one Christmas star 100% malta but with the different Galician hops. Those that provide a particular stamp to the essence and spirit of the lager. We are talking specifically about hops boiling (Nugget) and cold (Admiral and Magnum).

The result is magnificent, with a beer light-bodied, very balanced and that when tasted offers both sweetness as equal parts bitterness. It also offers light notes to flowers for a pleasant taste, while its aroma remains reminiscent of malt and toast, bread crust and even caramel. Do you dare to try it on these Christmas in order to change a little from the typical traditional drinks?

Well, a total of 11.000 liters of this Christmas Star they are made available to the market this week while stocks last. The bottle in which it is presented has 75 centiliters of an amber beer, of high transparency and with a layer of superior foam when served. Also, in the label of this year, Estrella Galicia has decided to include two Christmas symbols: a Red Star and two green pineapples. Both on your own shop online as in certain places you can buy it.