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New 100% natural beer ice cream

Ice cream and beer lovers craftswoman have their dream come true with him beer ice cream Origin Enigma, presented this Wednesday at the 31 Gourmet Lounge. It is from the first 100% natural and artisan beer ice cream.

«I am a true fan of ice cream and beer. We had the idea when we met Acaramhelados »(specialist in artisan and natural ice cream), he told us Brewmaster Miguel Viñado, owner of Enigma. This is a micro-craft brewery that uses 100% natural raw materials.

So is this beer ice cream

From among his four types of beer, they chose for this product good gourmet food la Origin, Brown Ale style dark tan in color. Pasteurized raw milk of the day was added to it to make the ice cream. Also thus maintaining all its properties and those of the beer. The result is a soft and creamy ice cream, with an intense amber color.

It has a sweet entry, with those notes to coffee, chocolate and caramel characteristics of the Origin. Also in the aftertaste come the beer bitterness, its malt and its hops. "It is a mild bitterness thanks to the noble hops that are used," he says. Vineyard.

The Italian Antonio Saffiotti is the marketing director of CaramelsVery creamy ice creams that do not use aromas, colorants or preservatives. He spoke of the complexity of making a ice cream with alcohol and the various tests they did before reaching the final product.

“Alcoholic ice creams like wine and beer that exist tend to fall apart because alcohol is antifreeze. But this recipe maintains a homogeneous texture "

El beer ice cream produced by the two companies based in Madrid can be found in best restaurants in the capital. As a dessert, in addition to accompanying it with the same Enigma Origin beer, it can be paired with chocolates, spirits and coffee.