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Seasonal beans, vindication of oblivion

May is the quintessential month of a green legume that is protected with an elongated sheath of the same color. Grown in the Mediterranean, especially, and in other Spanish regions such as La Rioja, it does not have as much fame or prestige as other foods that the field provides. Rather, the opposite is true of most vegetables. Because the seasonal beans they have fallen into disgrace, into the old oblivion of an archaic consumption, out of fashion, archived in history. However, from here we want claim This great healthy product for you to take advantage of this time of year, buy it and enjoy it in the classic or more innovative recipes.

Why bet on seasonal beans?

The freshness of this food from now and until the middle of June, more or less, it is one of its main assets. That which adds to its nutritional contribution, especially thanks to the vegetable proteins containing. On the other hand, seasonal beans they are better than dry that you can eat the rest of the year because they digest better in your stomach. The bad reputation that this legume has in the hangover of its intake is well known. Flatulence and digestion problems are the handicap of consuming this legume, especially if it is dry. Hence its low reputation.

But the one you can eat noweven raw) is different, as it does not have as many calories. For this reason, we recommend you get to know it more and bet on it in its short time of presence in the markets. No need to soak, it is a resource cheap, easy to cook and even versatile in the kitchen. The greatest entertainment is to remove each segment from its sheath, a rough skin of intermediate thickness that protects this product.

seasonal beans
Broad beans taken from their pods

Afterwards, the key resides in the adequate cooking time (about four or five minutes) so that it does not lose its tender texture or take on a too bitter taste. Nor is it generally desired for it to gain a repellent brown color.

The idea is to consume fresh, nutritious and tasty seasonal beans, along with other ingredients with which they have always married very well. An example is the ham or any other cut of pork and even beef. If you are more of a fish, with salmon fits luxuriously. While if you prefer a totally vegan dish, any vegetable stew will satisfy your palate.

It is obvious to the eye that this vegetable is no gastronomic beautyrather the opposite, an ugliness that has been forgotten. However, eat seasonal beans As many people did before, it is a way to help them regain the importance they deserve. Do you already know how you are going to get the most out of them in your kitchen? What recipe do you propose us?