False Iberians, guilty DAY or victim?

It is clear that Spanish products have a spectacular quality. All national supermarkets strive to offer the best to their customers. However, lately, there have been some cases that cast doubt on this claim. And, the most famous has been that of DAY. Company that has launched fake Iberian. But, their senior officials assure that they have been victims of a big fraud. Therefore, they do not consider themselves guilty of this scam. Do you think that the sale of these foods spoils the reputation Of the brand?

The case of the false Iberians

As you have been able to deduce, the DIA supermarket chain sold for months fake Iberian. And, this not only remains there, these products were also classified as not suitable for human consumption. In fact, for the sale of said foods, they marked a reduction of up to 75%. All this operation has resulted in a great container seizure. Along with up to 6 arrested and several companies investigated in a plot dedicated to the distribution of stolen ham. Even manipulate and falsify sanitary seals.

It should be noted that DIA is not being investigated by the Civil Guard. In addition, he claims to have collaborated at all times with the security body. And it is that, since the company denies having sold no product not suitable for consumption. They even justify this carelessness by assuring that they have been victims of a Big fraud. Which dates back to the end of 2019. Although, it was not until the following year when the Civil Guard ordered remove batches of ham allegedly stolen.

Iberian False

Ham. Source: jamondetrevelez.es

Main company investigated

QSabor Foods SL It is the company that is on target. This is the DIA contractor. Which was also linked to the ancients "Kings" of rotten ham of Carrefour. And it is that, in addition to having stolen the hams, this supplier had also impersonated sanitary seals and Iberian certificate. Always without the knowledge of the owner company. It should be noted that, in some cases, the products marketed lacked lot y expiration date. Something essential that the law collects to guarantee traceability.

Knowing this, DIA claims to have exercised legal actions against everyone involved. Even from the first moment that this problem was made aware, the company extinguished all relationship with the provider. That is why they applied discounted, something that we will explain later.


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Great discounts for fake Iberian

DIA kept these fake Iberianat least four months. And it did so with gradual discounts of up to 75%. All this about the already in itself low starting prices who had these products. For example, some packaging sliced ​​ham they began to be sold at 4,50 euros. Subsequently its value fell below 2 euros and ended up being settled at 1,25. Or, a Iberian case which was lowered from the initial 20 euros in half.

On the other hand, in the case of whole pieces of ham, these went on sale for 99 euros. A price that stands out compared to its competitors due to its low quantity. In addition, they were later lowered considerably. It should be noted that the supermarket chain reached slice some of the theoretical pieces Iberian ham. This was done for then vacuum pack it in envelope for sale to the public. No lot number or health traceability registration code.

Iberian fake

Sliced ​​serrano ham / Photo: Iván Sevilla

No alert

Nobody knew how to detect the games of fake Iberian while they were for sale. And it is that, none of the sanitary inspections reported this situation. Also, no health alert to order the immediate withdrawal of the products. It is important that you know that DIA is covered by the absence of guidelines to justify this irregular situation.

In fact, the chain insists that it did not know that these Iberians were false. And, that he only limited himself to withdrawing a game of stolen hams, always at the request of the Civil Guard. The complaint of the meat Comapa to its former partners, QSabor Foods SL, was what led to the initiation of the investigation. Which led to the discovery of these fake sanitary sealsas well as a false accreditation of certified Iberian product.


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Were you aware that DIA had put batches of fake Iberian? Whatever the reason, it is clear that more should be taken safety measures. Always in order to check the quality of all products. Which will guarantee the safety and, above all, the enjoyment of the great taste that Spanish products have.

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