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Is whole wheat bread bad? All the truth!

When someone begins a diet, it seems that cutting out carbohydrates as the first step is the rule to follow. Here is the first myth: by themselves, the carbohydrates are not fattening; as long as - as with all kinds of food - they are ingested properly and without overdoing it. Eating sweets and cookies is not the same as eating a piece of fruit: and both foods contain these properties that we are trying to avoid. In the same way that drinking a soda is not the same as eating a slice of bread. And here we enunciate a second myth: the whole wheat bread will help you lose weight. Is this real? We tend to substitute white bread for this apparently much healthier one, but is whole wheat bread bad?

The truth about carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are, along with proteins and fats, one of the three macronutrients that is in all foods. But why remove them? There is this false and widespread belief that carbohydrates get fat. This happens if they are consumed in inappropriate amounts, but, in reality, wanting to completely eliminate this nutrient from our diet is a complicated task: practically all foods contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats to a greater or lesser extent.

whole wheat bread is bad
Foods such as rice, pasta or bread are rich in hydrohydrates

And it is not only that; is that they are the power source of our body and protection against some diseases. In short, it is not about completely removing carbohydrates from our diet: it is about choosing the most appropriate ones and eating the amount that will bring us benefits. Faced with this question and in reference to bread: should we substitute white bread for wholemeal?

White bread vs whole wheat bread

Of all carbohydrate foods, the pan it is one of the first to be eliminated in a diet. Well, which is eliminated or replaced by another that has established itself as a much healthier alternative to white bread: the wholemeal bread. And not only is it said to be healthier, it is also the perfect choice for thin. But to what extent is this really true? Regarding which is the most beneficial option for our health, it can be said that the integral is the right one.

Why? Well, because, in addition to being made more than 80% with whole wheat flour, the fact of containing whole grains makes it have more properties. It is true that it contains more fiber and that according to El Español published, some studies shared in 2018 in The BMJ magazine revealed that eating "whole grain products made with whole grain is beneficial for our body and can reduce the possibility of suffering from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, colon cancer or diabetes ”. So far everything in order. Therefore, Is whole wheat bread bad? No, but there are certain myths around him that are.

Myths about whole wheat bread

The most popular is that the whole wheat bread thins, And this is not true. According to the book What is healthy eating? from the professor of Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia José Miguel Mulet, "Whole wheat bread is an affordable source of fiber, but we must not forget that for the most part it is still flour and, therefore, has the same nutritional properties as bread." In fact, it is that the White bread and the bread integral provide, more or less, the same calories. According to the Food Composition Database, 100 grams of white bread represents about 999 kilocalories; the same weight of whole wheat bread would add up to 1044 kilocalories.

The difference and what fuels this belief that it is the perfect option for those looking to lose weight, is that the wholemeal bread more satiating, which, in a way, helps reduce calorie intake. "Everything you eat made of fiber, you don't eat it made of starch, so in the same amount, the whole grain fatten less and provides different nutrients”Added Mulet. 

whole wheat bread is bad
Whole wheat bread vs white bread

In any case, what ends up determining the weight that is gained or lost is not whether you have eaten whole wheat bread instead of white bread; in the end, the diet is made up of many foods and all of them must be ingested in a balanced way. So if you had doubts about whether whole wheat bread is badWe conclude that no, it is not; nor is white bread as long as the amounts are correct.