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Write: Marichuy Garduño

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El tequila is the mexican pride because it is a drink that can be drunk straight, that is, alone. But also mixed with some juices to savor in exquisite cocktails.

“At the end of the last century and after having established some of its particular characteristics, one of the most elegant types of maguey, of the many that exist in Mexico. This received an exquisite distillate that has become the most famous of Mexican alcoholic beverages. One of the most representative elements of the national culture. This is the tequila”. This is mentioned in the text Drink Generous Land.

The historian Jose Maria Muriá explains that this distillate occurred northwest of Guadalajara. In what was known in colonial times as the corregimiento of tequila -place of wild herbs-, in the then kingdom of New Galicia. Currently, this is one of the most appreciated products in the Mexican market. Same as the best known internationally.

Tequila is the Mexican pride in the cinema

Jose Rogelio Alvarez in the text And ... souls that say Salud comments that for many years the golden cinema of Mexico spread the image of tequila. All in association with the village canteen or the slum cabaret, a haven for ranchers in their spare time. Also of bullies and bullies, always involved in fights and the reckless use of the pistol. It was about representing disappointment or heartbreak, exaltation or euphoria. A bottle on the table was indicative of alleviating the pain.

However, fiction aside, that the tequila is the mexican pride It is because it is used as an aperitif or digestive product of the Jalisco land. It is an important cultural expression with which all Mexicans identify.

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Recommendations to enjoy tequila without blends

Drink some tequila and keep it under the tongue for half a minute, until salivate. In this way, the molecular chain of alcohol is broken and it is better enjoyed on the palate. It can be taken before (aperitif) or after (digestive) a meal.

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