Differences between meat and its substitutes

In this article we will discuss the differences between meat and its substitutes. The controversy continues after the call of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, the eat less meat. We may touch this topic too much but we want to give different approaches. Don't worry because at least you will find out what the metabolites are. Can these make the difference between a diet balanced and one lacking? Let's see it.

The controversy continues

"Wherever they put a steak on the spot, that's unbeatable." These were the words of Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government, when asked about the controversial statements of Alberto Garzón. The Minister of Consumption assured that we must considerably reduce our consumption of meat to protect the planet. The latter's words are not as radical as it seems. They do not compare livestock farming to the Holocaust or to the extinction of the dinosaurs as some activists do. more extreme veganism.

They make a respectable and legitimate advocate for a plant-only diet. However, the prestigious Duke University, has just published a study that could make many think. In this it deals with the main differences between meat and its substitutes. A hamburger may be made from vegetables. Of course, you should inform yourself very well and read the label before giving it as the definitive solution. Let's see how these two foods that give so much to talk about lately are different and alike.

Differences between meat and its substitutes: very important

The university of North Carolina (USA) compared thirty six samples in the form of a hamburger. It is precisely this form that the eighteen of beef and the eighteen of substitutes had in common. Their main objective was to find the differences in terms of Metabolites. The word sounds very technical but it is not difficult to understand. These are substances that an organism produces through the regulatory processes of its cells. Consuming some of them is associated with some health benefits.

Differences between meat and its substitutes

Grilled meat on a barbecue / Source: Pixabay

They concluded that both options do not have much to do with each other. They measured 190 metabolites. Concentrations of 171 they varied considerably between one option and another. For starters, the beef patties contained twenty-two metabolites that the vegetable substitute lacked. Meanwhile, the substitute burgers contained thirty-one metabolites that are not found in veal.

What Nutrients Are Beef Substitutes Missing?

It has remained that they are not the same, no matter how well they replicate the flavor and texture. The University found some very valuable nutrients among the metabolites of beef. However, he could not find them in the substitutes. Some of these are the creatine, spermine, cysteamine, glucosamine, squalene y omega-3 fatty acid DHA. The researchers stated that they "have potentially important physiological, anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory functions."

Three veggie burgers

Three vegetable burgers / Source: @ovejavegana on Twitter

Another one to keep in mind is vitamin B12. It helps keep neurons and blood cells healthy. It also contributes to the formation of DNA, the genetic material present in all cells. It is well known as it is difficult to find in products of plant origin. Even vegetarians have a difficult time getting it, since its presence in eggs and dairy is low. However, beef is one of its biggest sources. Specifically, it is beef liver. 


We live in the Information era. Get data on nutrition It has never been easier than now. However, many of these come from sources of dubious credibility. We urge you to find which is the best diet for you using only reliable sources. In addition to scientific articles, you also have a multitude of nutritionists capable of helping you. Eat meat, yes or no? Well it depends on many factors. Each one to make the best decision for himself as long as he accepts the consequences.

ostrich meat

Ostrich meat, the promise that came to nothing | Source: gourmetruz.es

Is there one of the two options that is better? It is not the case. Each one has different properties. Abusing any food can be harmful. However, in their proper measure, both can bring you great benefits in terms of your health. Draw your own conclusions on your own. Do not sell the motorcycle to you.

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