Controversy has erupted over the statements of the Minister of Consumption of Spain Alberto Garzón on the meat consumption. In them he urges the Spanish to reduce it and return to a more Mediterranean diet. Actually the statements do not add much since these recommendations have been made by the WHO for some years and are in the 2050 agenda of the current Spanish government.

That the health authorities of a country advise moderate in some foods it is positive. This is how the interprofessional of the sector also sees it, indeed, in her statement she advises “A varied, balanced and complete diet. That includes products of both plant and animal origin. It is something that the livestock-meat chain has always defended ”. Therefore, we must appeal to everyone's common sense and analyze the consumption of each person, adapting to a balanced diet.

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Grill with various meat

Moderation and opportunity in the consumption of meat

It is advisable to moderate the consumption of meat, like most foods. The same thing happens with fruit juices, wine, beer, industrial bakery etc. What is surprising about this case is the timeliness of the statements. Statements have been made to the sector that are not true since, although there are large meat companies, the vast majority of farms are family. In any case, a sector that complies with the regulations of the same government cannot be criminalized.

In other words, it seems that the minister of consumption has not had the gift of opportunity. Maybe yes. Perhaps what he really wanted was to distance himself from other ministries such as Agriculture. Maybe it's a matter of political strategy that is doing a lot of damage to companies in this sector. What is clear is that it has opened a debate at a difficult time, in the midst of a pandemic. Just when it is a discussion to deal with calmly and looking for the best solutions for everyone. Let's not forget that this sector employs more than half a million people in Spain.

Veal. Photo: pixabay

Veal. Photo: pixabay

Ecology and sustainability

Another argument put forward is that of the ecology and sustainability of meat production. At this point there are many arguments for and against and it is the sample that a debate of this type cannot be opened without calm and real and contrasted data. Gives the impression that it is an impromptu debate and that the arguments are mixed, throwing them to the public opinion and creating a confusion especially in all those who do not know the sector. It must be recognized that as in many other sectors there is everything, if it is true that there is a more industrial production and a more rural and artisanal production that without a doubt we must conserve completely.

What is clear is that Extensive and intensive productions in highly controlled and family farms are sustainable. Also for the rural environment and its population. All this accompanied by an organic diet or a management that respects animal welfare. It is probably the way to find a good balance, which together with responsible consumption will be the best option for the future ...


It must be recognized that in recent years the quality of food management has improved compared to a few years ago. Also the good use of veterinary treatments. All this translates into products of great quality in the market. It is surprising that at a time when the improvement is palpable and in the middle of a economic crisis of this caliber these declarations are launched.

Information and quality

Finally, those who must decide are the consumers. It is important that they have all the nutritional information, their state of health, their type of life, etc. With all this information have a healthy diet. Choose quality products knowing the environmental and human impacts that occur in the territories around the meat consumption. Finally, advise consumers to have common sense in consumption. That they do it with quality, ecological and sustainable products, although the price is apparently higher, that they are products of nearby production.

angus meat

Angus meat, a unique meat | Source:

Highly advisable for producers who value all the quality of the product, its traceability, breed, food, origin, etc., to inform it in all possible channels and to transmit all the qualities and passion for their product. It is important not to forget that meat is a product of our diet but that it also has a component of pleasure that we cannot forget. Eat meat, with common sense and enjoy!




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